Church of St Andrew’s

Church of St Andrew, The Town, Great Staughton

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The Parish Church of Great Staughton is St Andrew’s, where you will receive a warm welcome.

Run by Reverend Nicki Bland, St Andrew’s is also the Parish Church for Perry and Dillington, and is part of the United Benefice of St Andrew’s Great Staughton, St Nicholas Hail Weston, and All Saints Little Staughton.

It is situated at the western end of the village, and the address is: The Town, Great Staughton, Huntingdon, Cambs PE19 5BB.


9 thoughts on “Church of St Andrew’s

  1. I used to be a bellringer at the Church around 1958 – does not look like it has changed much. Best wishes

  2. Searching for someone called Margo Leftly 73 The Highway I have her BMW X5 and could do with contacting her
    Regards Alan Turner

  3. Walk past that church, on the way to the Village, from the Manor house (Peck’s Farm), from 1955 to 1958. Father was in the US Air Force stationed at Molesworth Air Field.

  4. Is there any way I can find out whether the grave of my great great grandma is on the grounds of this church? I have a photo of her grave but I do not know the location. Her name is Clara Newman (nee Kent, Married Bosworth then Married Newman) born 1865, died 22nd December 1922. On the grave, it says “thy will be done”. Any information about her would also be greatly appreciated.Thank you!

  5. My great great great great great (!) grandfather (John Giles) is recorded as being vicar of “Great Stoughton, Hunts.” from 1724 to 1733, and his great grandson, my great great grandfather, (William Giles) as being born in Great Stoughton on 27 December 1791 – just wondering if you have any records of this … ?

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