Minutes of the Gt Staughton Village Committee – 29 March 2012

Present: Mervyn Young (Chair) Helen Glanville, Tricia Richards, Dave Gait,
Jean Philpott, Vicky Goldsmith, Lesley Spafford.

No apologies.

Previous mins agreed and signed.

M.A: Quiz postponed until Autumn.
New curtains up: thanks to helpers, Bob, Nicky and Vicky. Letters of thanks to fund
donators have been circulated.
Stagers still no feed back.
Previous mins to go on web site.

Treasurer’s Report: Accounts returned from auditor.
Accounts sheets available to committee. Balance stands at £1,504.24.

Bookings Report: Sure Start group were unhappy someone had moved their stuff.
They have since had a clear out and area in storeroom tidier, thank you. It is difficult
with so many groups sharing this area for storage.

O.M: Drains blocked: Dial- a- rod due to clear.
Outdoor light switch dangerous,perished rubber, electrician to be called. Action ?
Committee Room flooring needs to be laid preferably before Parish assembly, David
Hoenig to be asked.
Action VG, TR or HG

A.O.B: Bowls Club Committee were concerned as they had used the back room
during a fund raising evening for Air Ambulance, there is no extra charge for this
thank you for enquiring.
Friendship Club were concerned as the chairs had been piled dangerously high.
George E said the halls revamp was very good.
Ideas were suggested (wish list) if a new hall/ surgery were to be commissioned.

Date of next meeting: Thurs 31st May @ 8pm


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