Minutes of Great Staughton Playing Field Committee Meeting – 26 January 2011

Minutes of Great Staughton Playing Field Committee Meeting

26 January 2011 – Great Staughton Village Plan

Janet Bowen (Chair)                  Bob Jewell                       William Mumford
Mervyn Young                            Louise Whalley              Dianne Palmer (Clerk)

1.  Apologies:

Received from Roy Benford, Simon Clarke, Anna Merchant and James Turner.

2. Approval of Minutes of the meeting held on 14th October 2010:

J Bowen amended Item 9 to reflect that the date for the April meeting had been changed to 28th April.   The minutes were then approved and duly signed.

3. Matters arising:

3/7a – L Whalley said the 5-a-side goal posts have not yet been ordered.   c/forward
7b – J Bowen suggested that the litter bin replacement be deferred until the Spring.
3/7c – J Bowen will check where the ‘No Smoking’ signs are.          Action: JB
3/7g – W Mumford said the hedge has been cut and replanted.
7a. – Discuss further when new Tennis Club Chairman has been agreed.   c/forward
7b – Bench has been refurbished by Hugh Stewart and sited near to the Pavilion.
7c – 2 new trees have been planted.

4. Treasurers report:
Current situation commended.   Money outstanding from Football Club.

Great Staughton Playing Field
Accounts as 22nd January 2011
Pre School




Parties meetings


HDC rates


Football Club




Interest Cleaning materials


Parish Council Grant


Cricket Club




Tennis club


Anglian Water


PTA fete


Fire inspection


Horticultural scty



Excess of expdt over inc
Excess of Income over expdt






Opening Balance at Bank


Opening Cash
Add Opening Debtors
Less Opening Creditors
Excess of inc over expdt


Cash in hand


Closing bank





5. Reports from Clubs & Users:

– L Whalley reported that there had been incidents of vandalism recently at the rear of the school and the Police have been notified.   The school has reluctantly decided that anti-climb paint will be used on the fence and that the light at the rear of the school will not operate after 6.30pm.  A notice will be placed in Life magazine to the effect that anyone found vandalising the school will be prosecuted.

Piglets – A Merchant had e-mailed and asked for draft excluder to be fitted to try and keep the premises warmer.
Action: RJ

Football – nothing to report.

Cricket – R Jewell said a team had been formed and the fixture list agreed.

Tennis – no one present.

6. Grass Cutting

Peter Round had phoned the Clerk to say he would have to increase his fees by £5.00 per cut in order to cover the increased fuel costs.   It was agreed unanimously to continue with Peter Round but to obtain quotations for 2012.
Action: DP
7. Costs for the climbing frame: c/forward
8. Feedback from Village Plan Survey

M Young gave feedback from the recent meeting.   It was agreed to keep an open mind over the next few months until the proposals had been circulated with regard to the playing field and the pavilion.

8. Operational matters:

W Mumford thought the Pavilion needed some attention.
Action: RJ/VG

9. Correspondence:

10. Any other business

Date of next meeting:
28th April (Thursday)

The meeting closed at 8.55pm


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