Minutes of Great Staughton Playing Field Committee Meeting – 14 July 2011

Minutes of Great Staughton Playing Field Committee Meeting

14 July 2011 – Great Staughton Village Hall

Janet Bowen (Chair)              Geoff Gilbert                    John Hitchin
Bob Jewell                                 James Turner                  Justin Waldock
Louise Whalley                        Mervyn Young               Dianne Palmer (Clerk)

1.  Apologies: received from W Mumford.

2. Annual Reports
J Bowen said it had been another successful year for the Pavilion and Playing Field.   The facilities had been well used and thanks were expressed to all those who made this happen; the committee, Kathy Jewell, W Mumford, John Harrison, and Vicky Goldsmith and her family for keeping everywhere clean and tidy.   J Bowen mentioned that the annual RoSPA report was excellent although the site as a whole was considered high risk and in particular the skateboard area.   Hunts District Council is responsible for this and conduct regular checks.

R Jewell distributed the final version of the audited accounts and pointed out that there was a slight change from the earlier version which has resulted in the excess of income being increased to £374.42.   It was felt that this left the Playing Field in a comfortable position in which to begin a new financial year.

3. Election of Chairperson 2011 – 2012
The Clerk asked for proposals for the role of Chair.   G Gilbert proposed J Bowen, seconded by R Jewell and carried unanimously.

4. Election of Vice-chair for 2011 0 2012
J Bowen asked for proposals for the role of Vice-chair.   J Waldock proposed G Gilbert, seconded by L Whalley and carried unanimously

5. Election of Treasurer for 2011 – 2012

J Bowen proposed R Jewell for the role of Treasurer, seconded by G Gilbert and carried unanimously.

6. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the meeting held on 14th April, 2011 were approved and duly signed.

7.Matters arising:
3/7a – 5-a-side goal posts – no funding available for this.
3/7b – a catalogue was circulated and it was agreed to check whether the lid could be replaced or to purchase a ‘Topsey’ in dark green for £128.36.   This would need to be bedded in.
Action: JB
3/7c – new ‘No Smoking’ signs have been fitted.

7a. – J Bowen explained that the Committee was made up of members of the Parish Council and club/users were invited on to the committee as representatives of their clubs.   J Waldock asked about the responsibilities of the new Trustee and J Bowen said that without the attendance of independent Trustees, meetings were not quorate.   There should be at least 2 non-Parish Council Trustees who live in the village and have an interest in the playing field and its future.   Trustees are responsible for running the playing field legally, getting best value and best use out of the facilities and making sure it is available to everyone in Great Staughton.

M Young proposed J Waldock, seconded by J Taylor and carried unanimously.

R Jewell proposed Anna Merchant and the proposal was accepted unanimously.

J Bowen agreed to make the approach.                                        
Action: JB

7b – Bench now sited outside the pavilion.

3 – The new curtains are being made.                                          
Action: JB

5 – funding from the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation – J Bowen is waiting for feedback from Claire Matthews.   J Bowen is meeting with Cambridgeshire ACRE as they may be able to help source funding.
Action: JB

5 – Tennis court lighting – J Waldock said that the club will need to resurface the courts this year and this will not leave any funds for lights.   However, they have been working with the Tennis Coach from St Neots and will probably be able to use their courts in the winter.

5 – Netball – J Bowen has spoken to the school and they are willing to discuss the use of their facilities with anyone interested in playing Netball.

7 – Climbing frame replacement – in discussion with Cambridgeshire ACRE.        c/f

8 – Pavilion cleaning – the additional work and wages increase now agreed.

8 – No Dogs signs – purchased and ready to be installed.
Action: WM

L Whalley mentioned that they school had been informed of dog fouling on the playing field and it was agreed that a further reminder should go in Life stating that dogs are not allowed on the playing field.
Action: DP

10 – Minutes on website – Clerk to check.
Action: DP

8. Treasurers report:
A report was circulated by the Treasurer and discussed.   Please see below:

Great Staughton Playing Field Statement of Accounts for year ended May 2011

Income 2012 Expenditure 2012
Pre School  £    236.00 HDC rates  £      225.16
Parties meetings  £      45.00 Electricity  £      224.75
Football Club Cleaning materials
Interest Decorating
Parish Council Grant  £    500.00 Cleaning  £      143.00
Cricket Club  £    104.00 Anglian Water  £        23.73
Tennis club Fire inspection
Football Kids Repairs
PTA fete
Horticultural scty
Excess of Income over expdt  £      268.36
Total £885.00 £885.00
Balance Sheet as at 31/3/2011
Opening Balance at Bank  £          116.37 Debtors – pre school
Opening Cash  £          262.00 Closing Cash  £              2.00
Add Opening Debtors  £          556.00 Payments in advance
Less Opening Creditors Excess of expenditure over income
Excess of inc. over expdt.  £          268.36 Closing Bank  £        1,200.73
 £       1,202.73  £        1,202.73

9. Reports from Clubs & Users:

School –L Whalley mentioned a request from the Head Teacher to have a copy of the risk assessment.
Action: DP

The light in the car park has been vandalised and the school will repair it.

Football – J Turner reported that they are not playing at present.

Cricket – R Jewell said that they had repaired the posts and have new nets.  The Cricket Club now has a sponsor.   Recently won 2 games and have more people playing.

Tennis – J Waldock said that coaching was taking place and that the membership was increasing.   The club finished quite high in the Cambridgeshire League.   The club is going to approach Sport England for funding for the resurfacing of the courts and this will probably take place during the winter.

10.  Operational matters:
R Jewell has been approached about a junior football club being formed and is hopeful this will happen.   He suggested that in order to welcome and encourage the club, a reasonable fee of £100 per annum be charged.   This was agreed.
J Turner suggested that, if junior football takes place, it may be worth increasing the grassing cutting.   J Bowen mentioned that the committee had already agreed to go out to other contractors for quotations when the current contract expires.
Action: RJ/DP

J Bowen said the kitchen light is not working all of the time.
Action: JB

J Bowen has put forward the Playing Field to receive donations from the Waitrose Community Matters collection.

J Bowen said that the Playing Field is being registered under the Queen Elizabeth II Challenge and she is working with

Philip Peacock from ACRE to submit the paperwork.

The Insurance paperwork was discussed as it appeared that the cover for ‘Additional part time employees liability’ was not taken up.   Clerk to check.
Action: DP

11.  Correspondence:

10.  Any other business

Date of next meeting:
13th October 2011 at 8.00pm.

The meeting closed at 8.50pm


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