Minutes of Great Staughton Playing Field Committee Meeting – 14 April 2011

Minutes of Great Staughton Playing Field Committee Meeting

14 April 2011 – Great Staughton Village Hall


Janet Bowen (Chair)                   Roy Benford                     Simon Clarke

Geoff Gilbert                              Anna Merchant                 James Turner

William Mumford                        Mervyn Young                  Dianne Palmer (Clerk)

1.  Apologies: received from Bob Jewell, Justin Waldock and Louise Whalley.

2. Approval of Minutes
of the meeting held on 26th January, 2011 were approved and duly signed.

3. Matters arising:

3/7a – 5-a-side goal posts         . c/forward

3/7b – it was agreed to obtain prices for litter bins and to repair or replace the bin already on the playing field.                                                                                        
Action: DP

3/7c – J Bowen will obtain new ‘No Smoking’ signs and hang them.
Action: JB

3/7g – W Mumford said the hedge has not yet been replanted as the weather conditions need to be suitable.
Action: WM

7a. – Discuss new Trustee at AGM.     c/forward

7b – Bench not yet sited.
Action: DP

The windows have been measured for new curtains and work is in progress.

4. Treasurers report:

An end of year statement from the Treasurer was circulated and discussed.   Please see below

Gt Staughton Playing Field DRAFT Statement of Accounts for year ended March 31 2011












Pre School  £   1,016.00  £     716.00 HDC rates  £    216.45  £     215.28
Parties meetings  £      206.00  £     180.00 Electricity  £    816.79  £     736.27
Football Club  £      230.00  £     230.00 Cleaning materials  £      58.40  £         0.99
Interest  £          2.01  £         0.51 Decorating
Parish Council Grant  £      675.00  £     500.00 Cleaning  £    550.00  £     583.00
Cricket Club  £      192.00  £     144.00 Anglian Water  £    691.90  £     102.08
Tennis club  £        50.00  £       75.00 Fire inspection  £    138.30  £       46.89
Football Kids  £      100.00 Repairs  £       35.58
PTA fete  £             –  £       50.00
Horticultural scty  £        72.00  £       72.00
Donation gate H. Stewart/Bowls  £      125.00
    Excess of Income over expdt  £    196.17  £     247.42


 £  1,967.51



Balance Sheet as at 31/3/2011            
Opening Balance at Bank  £     315.95 Debtors – pre school  £     230.00
Opening Cash  £             – Closing Cash  £       17.00
Add Opening Debtors Payments in advance Tennis club
Less Opening Creditors Excess of expenditure over inc £             –
Excess of inc. over expdt.  £     247.42 Closing Bank  £     316.37
 £     563.37    £     563.37

Auditor’s Report
I have examined the attached accounts for the period ending 31st March 2011In my opinion the accounts are in agreement with the information recorded in the booksand records and with the information and explanations provided to me.

The Tennis Club fees were discussed as it was felt that they were lower than most other users.   However, it was pointed out that their general usage of the facilities was lower than most other users.

J Bowen recommended that the Parish Council be approached for a grant of £500.00 for the current financial year – agreed unanimously.

5. Reports from Clubs & Users:

Piglets – A Merchant said that they are almost fully subscribed and anticipates that the September intake will be good.

Football – J Turner reported that they won the Hunts County Cup.

School – on behalf of L Whalley, J Bowen reported that one of the school Governors thought that a grant may be available for replacement and repairing playing field equipment if it is accessible by the general public.   Up to 90% of the costs could be met by the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation.   The offer to follow up this information by the Governor to be accepted with thanks.
Action: JB

The PTA is holding a Gala Day on 2nd July and have requested that they be allowed to include the Police Dogs and sheep shearing demonstrations on the playing field.   Permission to be granted on the same basis as last year, namely that the all animal owners will be responsible for clearing all waste in line with statutory health and safety.   Hygiene provision will also have to be made by the owners.

Cricket – no report.

Tennis – no one present but the clerk had been informed that the Tennis Club would like to request lighting on the courts.   J Bowen thought there was a restriction on activities after dark.   There may be an impact on neighbouring properties and Planning permission would be required.   The committee agreed to give this matter consideration for discussion at the next meeting.   A Merchant reminded members that the school had just stopped lights coming on after 6.00pm due to difficulties.                                                              c/forward

M Young mentioned that interest had been expressed in the Village Plan for Netball and Basketball.   The school has posts and court facilities that could be used/rented.   J Bowen will discuss with the Headmistress.
Action: JB

6. Grass Cutting

Damage has been caused to the cricket net posts and it is believed that this was done by the grass cutting machine.
Action: DP

J Bowen to speak to someone in the cricket club.
Action: JB

7. Replacement costs for the climbing frame:

A Merchant had studied the Wicksteed catalogue and gave feedback to the meeting.   There are several options and this depends upon the age group and money available.   It was agreed to wait for feedback from the potential funding opportunity and discuss further at the next meeting.             c/forward

8. Operational matters:

The area at the foot of the slide needs repairing.
Action: WM

W Mumford reported back about cleaning the pavilion, in particular the reception room.  There seems to be some confusion about whether this is included in the cleaner’s duties or not.  It was proposed that the schedule of work and reimbursement be reviewed.   An increase was agreed by the meeting to definitely include the middle room, subject to approval by R Jewell as Treasurer and payable from 01/07/2011.    Hereinafter, the cleaner’s wages should be reviewed annually at the Playing Field Committee AGM.
Action: JB/RJ

Replacement ‘No Dogs’ signs are needed.   Rigid plastic 3mm x 300cm x 200c x 5 signs to be purchased (£8.34 each approx).
Action: DP/WM

9. Correspondence:


10. Any other business

R Benford & M Young had attended a CPALC meeting and understood grants were available towards heating costs of public buildings.   R Benford will find out further information.
Action: RB

M Young asked for the minutes to be on the village website.
Action: DP

Date of next meeting:

14th July – Annual General Meeting

The meeting closed at 9.05pm


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