Minutes of the Great Staughton Parish Council Annual General Meeting – 12 May 2011

Minutes of the Great Staughton Parish Council Annual General Meeting

12 May 2011 – Great Staughton Village Hall


H Duberly (HD) (Chair)              J Bowen (JB)                                 G Gilbert (GG)

W Mumford (WM)                        A Withers (AW)                            P Willmer (PW)

M Young (MY)                              D Palmer (DP) (Clerk)

Also in attendance:  

R Benford (RB)

1.   Apologies:

J Hitchin (JH)

a)      Residents’ Forum

R Benford requested that the Councillors give consideration to ensure that at any future elections candidates be given equal opportunity to place a statement in Life magazine.   R Benford left the meeting at 7.50pm.

Following discussion it was felt that Parish Councillors were not subject to the same level of law as District Councillors when it came to publicity.   As Life magazine does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Parish Council it was suggested that the Editors could be requested to allow an area for Councillors to submit a small statement when elections occur.

2.   Election of Officers

Chairman: H Duberly was proposed by P Wilmer, seconded by W Mumford.

Vice-Chair: R Jewell was proposed by H Duberly, seconded by A Withers..

Planning – all Councillors are involved in planning applications.

Footpaths and Bridges: A Withers & R Jewell were proposed by P Willmer and seconded by J Bowen.

Playing Field Committee: J Bowen, G Gilbert, J Hitchin, R Jewell, W Mumford and M Young were proposed by H Duberly and seconded by A Withers.

Parish Charities: G Gilbert and A Withers were proposed by P Willmer and seconded by J Bowen.

Village Hall Committee: M Young, R Jewell and G Gilbert were proposed by P Willmer and seconded by J Bowen.

Road Safety: W Mumford was proposed by H Duberly and seconded by G Gilbert.

West Hunts Friendship Club: Peter Willmer was proposed by R Jewell and seconded by M Young.

Life Magazine: R Jewell was proposed by H Duberly and seconded by M Young.

Finance: R Jewell was proposed by J Bowen and seconded by A Withers.   All nominations were

carried unanimously.

3.   Minutes of the meeting held on 17th March 2011 were agreed as a true record and duly


4.   Matters Arising

3)  Land Registry paperwork has been resubmitted.   RJ asked whether the village hall needs to be registered.   To be processed when the current submission is completed.
Action: HD/DP

7)  Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge is being progressed by JB.

11)   The Tree Warden is monitoring the Chestnut Trees.

11)   MY said Hunts District Council was unable to offer another grant for the work on the village hall but he would submit an insurance claim would cover the work including the walls.
Action: MY

5.   Attendance at other meetings

MY and Frank Backhouse met with staff from ACRE to discuss the Trailblazer support for the village plan.   They are extremely keen to support this and would like to focus on 3 areas:

  • affordable housing and making full use of village land
  • a new village hall to include a surgery
  • new play equipment on the playing field

Two people from ACRE would like to view the pieces of land and meet with representatives from the Parish Charities, namely AW, GG and HD.   MY will continue to liaise with ACRE.            

6.   Planning Applications from 17th March

1100430FUL – Mill View – Extensions to existing dwelling – Agreed

1100452FUL – Agden Hill Farm – Erection of GPS signal antenna – Agreed

1100520FUL – 27 The Highway – Extensions, loft conversion & carport – Agreed

1100525FUL – 20 The Highway – Extension and alterations – Agreed

1100563CLED – Beacon Farm, Moor Road – Certificate of lawfulness for light industrial and storage – Objections raised.   Clerk asked to check with Hunts DC as to why the Planning Officer had not issued an enforcement notice previously.                                                                                  

7.   Highways

Clerk has asked for the request for winter gritting to be extended to cover the school in the review that Cambs County Council does in the summer.

The interactive sign needs to be repaired.

Report damage to pavement where new housing on site that was previously the garage.

Beachamptead Road outside 32 and 28 on the corner/bend – needs repairing.

Dillington and Cage Lane – several potholes.   Signs need repairing and cleaning.

Outside 66The Highway – pavement or road needs repairing.
Action: DP

RJ asked whether the County Council could be approached to see whether Cage Lane could be designated a ‘quiet road’ or green lane in the hope that this would encourage drivers to slow down on the narrow road.                                                                                                          

8.   Correspondence

Hunts District Council has removed the glass bottle banks but have offered to site a textile bank and it was agreed to accept the offer.

Cambs County Council wrote regarding a diversion of public footpath No 12 at Cherry Orchard Farm on Moor Road.   RJ has visited the site and recommends the proposal is accepted.   RJ also requested that the council be asked to look at the continuation of this footpath where it enters Hail Weston.
Action: DP

PW said that the charity EACH (East Anglia Children’s Hospice) will collect bottles and recycle to raise funds, and suggested they could be invited to do this in Great Staughton.
Action: PW

9.  Cheques in and out


Hunts DC Precept         £6,000.00

Hunts DC recycling          £285.52

Total                         £6,285.52


Suffolk ACRE                  £229.16

Playing Field Grant          £500.00

Petty cash                        £59.09

Peter Round                   £159.09

CH Brown & Sons           £416.52

Village handyman           £158.21

CPALC                           £272.74

Clerk                             £289.26

Total                         £2,084.58

Bank balance             £10,069.70

The payments were unanimously agreed.

10.   Post Office

A letter has been received from Post Office Ltd to say that they are unable to proceed with the trial of the ‘Post Office local’ service.   However, it is now understood that it will open in June 2011.   Clerk to check situation.
Action: DP

11.   Village Plan

A revised copy of the village plan was circulated at the meeting.  MY said there were some minor changes since the copy that was presented to the Annual Parish Assembly.   The Chairman proposed that a letter be sent thanking all involved for producing such a comprehensive and professional document and saying how delighted the Parish Council was to receive it.
Action: HD

Following detailed discussion it was proposed that the Village Plan be adopted within the limitations imposed on the Council and subject to regular review.   This was carried unanimously.

MY mentioned that the steering group will cease to exist now that the plan has been presented and they will form a Village Association to implement the recommendations.   AW said that the plan will be extremely useful when making applications for support to outside bodies.

12.   Parish Matters

GG has received a complaint about speeding motor cycles.   Clerk to report.

MY pointed out that with less Councillors they will have to work harder.

AW requested an updated list of Councillor attendances at Parish Council meetings.

The Clerk was asked to ensure that the annual accounts included a statement that none of the Parish Councillors claimed expenses.
Action: DP

PW thought there was an error in the Register of Electors in that Gaines Farm is in Dillington and not on Perry Road.
Action: DP

WM proposed that when the next election takes place the Editor of Life magazine be requested to give space to all candidates.

RJ had been approached by someone who wanted to start a junior football team in the village.   Councillors said they would welcome this.   RJ also asked to be informed of the current planning position at Blades.
Action: DP

RJ proposed that the Annual Return for the year ended 31 March 2011 be approved  together with the Annual governance statement.   Seconded by HD and carried unanimously.

HD welcomed the Councillors following the election and felt that the villagers should be complimented on the turnout for the election at 64%.

13.   Date of next meeting:

Thursday, 7th July, 2011

The meeting closed at 9.00pm.


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