Minutes of the Great Staughton Parish Council – 5 January 2012

Minutes of the Great Staughton Parish Council 

5th January 2012 in the Village Hall


H Duberly (HD) (Chair)            J Bowen (JB)                              G Gilbert (GG)

J Hitchin (JH)                               R Jewell (RJ)                             W Mumfod (WM)

A Withers (AW)                            M Young (MY)                         D Palmer (DP) (Clerk)

Also in attendance:

District Councillor Jonathan Gray (JG)
County Councillor Peter Downes (PD)

a)    Residents’ Forum

No one present.

1.   Apologies:  

Apologies were received from Peter Willmer.

2.   Minutes of Meeting held on 10th November 2011 were agreed as a true record and signed.

3.   Matters Arising.

3)         Land Registry – Deeds have been requested.  Action: HD/DP

3)         Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge – JB has received the draft deed of dedication.   RJ and HD will read prior to approval.   Once the signed copies have been returned, the land registry form has to be completed within 3 months. Action: HD/RJ

3)         the damaged wire fence has been removed.

5)         O’Dells garage site new premises – it is understood that Huntingdonshire DC will recommend

that the request to change the planning application be rejected.

11)       Neighbourhood Watch – WM is willing to take on the role of Co-ordinator.

4.   Attendance at other meetings

MY attended a meeting with Cambridgeshire ACRE, Hunts DC and JB to discuss the village plan.   However, the meeting was disappointing as Hunts DC were working from an old document.   Parish Councillors attending the meeting did not have a copy of the document and it was not up to date.   The next meeting will take place on 31st January at 2.30pm to be held in the village hall.   WM and AW offered to be in attendance – MY will contact them if needed.  Action: MY

WM attended a Cambridgeshire Countryside Watch meeting and mentioned that there has been a substantial increase in heating oil thefts.   The application form to join the Cambs Countryside Watch is ready for submission.

Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee – RJ said a meeting had taken place to discuss the celebration.   The Church Fete takes place on Saturday, 2nd June and the School Gala takes place at the end of the month.   Further discussion is taking place.

5.   Planning Applications from 15th September

1101802FUL – 8 The Highway – extension, loft conversion & garage – objections raised.

6.   Highways

A letter had been received from Cambs County Council regarding the highway improvements discussed at the November meeting.   A survey for the zebra crossing would cost up to £900.   The initial cost to change the speed limit near the school on The Causeway would be £266.50 for legal requirements.   The signs for the 20mph would be £2,000 approx and Cambs CC offered to carry out a speed survey.   PD suggested that permanent 20mph signs may not be the best option and perhaps the restriction could apply only during school hours.   It was agreed to obtain costs for signs that display variable speeds.   It was suggested that the survey carried out for the Village Plan was sufficient to indicate a need for a reduced speed adjacent to the school.    Clerk to check whether Cambs CC actually need to duplicate this.  Action: DP

Discussion followed as to whether the Localism Bill actually gave the authority to the Parish Council to instigate this work and PD offered to clarify this matter.  Action: PD

Highway Wardens – HD had not been able to recruit any Highway Wardens to date.   PD said that this is a voluntary role but that training will be offered.   After discussion RJ agreed to be the new Highway Warden.

Information received from the Highways Department at Cambs CC confirmed that large stones should not be placed on the highway verges as they form an obstruction.

Following discussion with Cambs CC & Hunts DC regarding the former access to O’Dells garage, it was agreed that PCSO Carol Corn would be asked to inform people that parking in the area is illegal and to take further action if necessary.   Cambs CC Highways Department do not have sufficient funds to convert the access area into a grass verge.   The Clerk to ask Cambs CC if the Parish Council can do this work.   Action: DP

JG has been contacted regarding parking on The Highway from Red House Corner up to the sun dial.   Clerk to ask PCSO Carol Corn to check this.  Action: DP

GG said that the road between Great Staughton and Perry has deep ridges.   Clerk to contact Perry Parish Council and keep PD informed. Action: PD/DP

HD read out a letter from Cambs CC regarding street light maintenance.   PD explained that street lights will be gradually be replaced with more efficient lights but approximately 10% of the street lights will not be replaced over the next 5 years.

JB said that the standard of the road surface between Great Staughton and Hail Weston needed to be raised as there is not enough grip.   A complaint had been received from a resident.   Action: PD/DP

JH had been informed of water gathering on the road opposite the allotments on The Green.   There does not appear to be anywhere for the water to drain when it rains. Action: DP

RJ asked whether the highway/verges items reported in November had been dealt with.   The only outstanding items are the water gathering on the pavement on The Causeway – but this appears to have been highlighted for repair – and the pavement adjacent to the parking at the new properties on O’Dells garage site and this has been reported for a second time.  Action: DP

7.   Correspondence:

  • HD read the crime report which stated that between 24th October 2011 and 3 January 2012, five reported crimes took place.   There was one arson attack on Moor Road and four burglaries where items of jewellery had been stolen.   It was agreed that AW, MY and WM would attend the Neighbourhood Forum on Monday, 23rd January in order to obtain more information.

Action: AW/MY/WM

  • PD reminded everyone of the meeting on Tuesday, 31st January in Grafham Village Hall regarding community transport.   MY hoped to attend.  Action: MY

8.  Cheques in and out since October


nil                                   £00.00


Clerk                             £233.68

AS Communications        £115.50

PCC Grant/cemetery       £400.00

Life Magazine                 £450.00

Clerk                             £200.00

Clerk                             £361.40

Cambs Cntrysde watch     £40.00

Petty cash                        £14.31

Total                           £1,814.89                        The payments were unanimously agreed.

Bank balance               £8,621.05

RJ confirmed that he had received a copy of the reconciled cash book and approved it.

9.   Litter Pick

AW confirmed that the litter pick will take place on Saturday, 4th February at 9.00am weather permitting and all volunteers would be welcome.   Light refreshments will be available at the Tavern in the evening.

10.   Parish Matters

It was noted that there was an unauthorised development on the left as you approach Hail Weston from Great Staughton.   The District Council would be asked to investigate this.

WM said that the village shop and post office now seem to be fully operational and reminded everyone to use this village facility.

WM mentioned that there is an excellent recycling centre in St Neots on Cromwell Road and said that there was no reason for fly-tipping.   Everyone agreed that it is easy to load and unload and the staff are extremely helpful.

WM asked whether to cut the hedges in the playing field and car park and it was agreed that these needed doing now.  Action: WM

PD informed the meeting that BT is going to upgrade the broadband at Kimbolton.   RJ suggested that Jane Sneesby be contacted to check whether this will have an impact on Great Staughton’s broadband.                                                                                                                        Action: DP

12.  Date of meetings for 2012:

8th March

3rd May                        Annual Parish Assembly

17th May                      Annual General Meeting

5th July

6th September

8th November

Footpath 29:

HD and WM declared an interest and left the meeting.   RJ took the chair and asked AW to give a resume of the situation.   Please see Appendix a for details including notes of the meeting held on 14th December with members of Perry Parish Council, and Appendix b for a map drawn to illustrate the alternative footpath.

9.25 JG arrived and offered his support in respect of the footpath.

Following discussion it was the considered view that support be given to the extinguishment of the current route of footpath 29 and that the path should follow G, F, E, D, C, B, X on the map where B to X is a new path, parallel to bridleway 5, on the other side of the hedge.   RJ was against this suggestion.   PD will liaise with John Cooper at Cambs CC.  Action: PD

MY gave feedback to JG regarding the meeting mentioned in item 4 between Parish Councillors, Cambs ACRE and Hunts DC.   JG understood the disappointment felt at the meeting and will look into the situation.   AW requested a copy of the document that was brought to the meeting which it was thought was the District Plan.   JG will contact the Planning Department.  Action: JG

RJ thanked PD and JG for attending and the meeting closed at 9.45pm.


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