Minutes of the Great Staughton Parish Council – 7 July 2011

Minutes of the Great Staughton Parish Council

7 July 2011 – Great Staughton Village Hall


H Duberly (HD) (Chair)                  J Bowen (JB)                                G Gilbert (GG)

R Jewell (RJ)                                      J Hitchin (JH)                               A Withers (AW)

M Young (MY)                                   D Palmer (DP) (Clerk)

Also in attendance:

District Councillor Jonathan Gray (JG)

PCSO Carol Corn (CC)

PCSO Sharon Marsh (SM)

Residents’ Forum

No one present

b)  Village Plan feedback

See Item 4.

1.   Apologies:  
W Mumford, P Willmer and Cambridgeshire County Councillor Peter Downes

A crime report was circulated prior to the meeting and PCSO Carol Corn was invited to elaborate on this.   Following information received, a warrant was served on a property in the village but no evidence of criminal activity was found.   Inspector Green will be speaking at the Neighbourhood Forum which is meeting on 25th July and an invitation was extended to those present.

A written response was received following a request for an update on speeding traffic.   The operation by the Traffic Department conducting speed checks will continue during the summer months.   A number of offenders have received fixed penalties.  CC said there appears to be more dwelling burglaries leading to cars and number plates are being stolen.   2 people had been arrested for stealing number plates.

JH asked about 2 cases of heating oil being taken from properties in Dillington just before Christmas.  SM explained that if criminal activity takes place across county boundaries, it can take longer to pull together all of the evidence and prosecute.   CC will follow up the Dillington theft.
Action: CC

HD thanked CC and SM and they left the meeting at 8.00pm.

2.   Minutes of Meeting held on 12th May 2011
were agreed as a true record and signed.

3.   Matters Arising

4 – 3)  Land Registry paperwork for the playing field has been resubmitted and the process in now complete.   The registration of the Village Hall to be processed.                          Action: HD/RJ/DP

4 – 7)  Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge is being progressed.
Action: JB

4 – 11)  MY said the insurance claim had been accepted and an outstanding sum of £500 needs to be found.  RJ proposed that a grant be issued from the Parish council to meet this sum.  AW seconded the proposal and it was carried unanimously.

8) c/f East Anglia Children’s Hospice bottle collection.                                                       
Action: PW

10) Post Office/Blades – a letter had been received explaining the delay in opening the Post Office Local service.   This is due to a resubmission of the papers in a different name at the same premises.   Now expected to become operational in September.   RJ asked about the current planning situation.  HD declared an interest and this was discussed at the end of the meeting.

4.   Attendance at other meetings

HD, AW and MY met with staff from Cambridgeshire ACRE to discuss two suggestions that came out of the Village Plan:

a)                  A new Village Hall – a potential site was visited that could accommodate a new village hall incorporating a medical centre including the Doctors’ surgery.   The suggestion is that the car park could be extended into the field to the rear if the land was available.   JH asked whether the Pavilion could be extended but this was not thought practical as the request by Dr Roberts to incorporate the surgery into the village hall would be difficult to accommodate.

ACRE suggested that combining the two buildings will attract funding and they will give feedback.

b)                  Affordable Housing – the land owned by the Parish Charities was visited with a view to using it for affordable housing.   A Charitable Housing Trust would be established to ensure that the will of the villagers is respected and that the properties are only for local people and their children.   This could be extended to include people who have worked in the village for a number of years.

JG suggested the proposals could be linked to the Localism Bill.   MY reminded the meeting that Great Staughton is now recognised as a Trailblazer village and as such is eligible for support for such things as planning, design, and architectural services all free of charge.

JB met with Cambridgeshire ACRE with regard to the improvements to the Playing Field.  It is understood that there are funds available to support improvements but proof is needed that the work is needed by the young people.   A request in the Village Plan for an all-weather pitch was discussed and a pitch known as a ‘mugger’ could be provided for this purpose next to the tennis courts and the kissing gate.   This will be slightly smaller that a full football pitch.   As this type of pitch is surrounded by 4 ft high boards, it would also be useful for Piglets and possibly reception children from the school.

JB said that the school is willing to discuss the availability of their netball facilities following a request in the village plan.

The Community Association has yet to be formed to progress other action points from the Village Plan.   It was requested that the Village Plan be kept as an Agenda item at present.                       
Action: DP

AW went to Brington Parish Council meeting as they are interested in establishing a network of footpaths.

5.   Planning Applications from 12th May

1100677FUL – 24 Dillington – Extensions to existing dwelling – Objections

1100929FUL – 10 The Highway – New single detached dwelling – Objections

1100930FUL – 10 The Highway – New pair of semi-detached dwellings – Objections

RJ declared an interest in both of the Highway properties and did not take part in the planning process or discussion.

6.   Highways

The Clerk reported the damage to the Highway department via the Hunts DC website and was informed that all work had been dealt with.   JH reported problems on the road from Dillington to the prison and MY mentioned problems on Manor Road and Beachampstead.                        
Action: DP

A letter has been received from Sharon Piper at Cambs County Council regarding the request that

Cage Lane be designated a ‘quiet road’ or ‘green lane’.   Formal consultation must take place with those persons likely to be affected by the change.   It would appear that funding is not available for this from the County Council.   Clerk to ask Peter Downes to obtain more details about the County Council budget.
Action: DP

JH has been asked by Dillington residents whether the road could be sign posted as ‘access only’ in the hope that this would encourage drivers to slow down on the narrow road.

Report damage to the barrier on the Highway and Causeway junction.

7.   Correspondence

Perry Parish Council invited Great Staughton and Hail Weston Parish Councils to join them in Councillor training offered by CPALC.   However, it was agreed not to take up the offer at present.

8.  Cheques in and out




GS Village Hall                  £65.00

K Wilson – audit              £156.00

MHB Services                 £429.72

Peter Round                   £235.20

Village handyman           £197.98

Clerk                             £289.26

Petty cash                        £22.75

Peter Round                   £235.20

Playing Field RoSPA        £176.80

Total                         £1,808.91

Bank balance               £8,261.79

The payments were unanimously agreed.

9.   Parish Matters

GG has received a complaint about the wire fence that has been trodden down on footpath.   It was suggested that a letter be sent to the farmer asking if this could be removed.                  
Action: DP

GG asked about the trees in Manor Close – these will be cut back in the autumn.

RJ has been informed of a fence that has been put up at the front of a property in Beachampstead Road.   As long as the fence is less than 2 metres high it will be within the ‘open aspect’ covenant on the estate.

JB asked if the timetable for the new community bus service could be published in Life.       
Action: DP

HD read out the relevant information from the report received from Peter Downes (County Councillor).   DP to contact Emma Murden for a copy of the new speed limit briefing paper.              
Action: DP

HD left the meeting at 8.45pm

The planning permission in place for Blades was discussed.   JG said that the application had been held in abeyance until the Post Office issue was resolved so that a complete application could be submitted.   It was understood that the current planning permission is for a retail outlet.   This does not include the burger van and motor cycle trade.

JG agreed to establish the exact position.   Whilst there is support within the Parish Council for the venture, the situation needs to be formalised.   As Blades has been operating for over a year, it was suggested that Hunts District Council be asked to regularise the situation so that anyone who does have a genuine grievance has the opportunity to submit their views.                            Action: JG

10.   Date of next meeting:

Thursday, 15th September, 2011

The meeting closed at 8.55pm.


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