Internet connection speed concerns

Internet connection speed concerns

Dear fellow villagers,

Ever since I sent an email at the beginning of December to my neighbours in Moory Croft
about my phone problems, my internet connection speed has been up and down like a yo-yo.

I have been in constant dialogue with BT over the issue. At times they have said the speed
was acceptable and there was no fault, at other times my speed has dropped as low as 10kbps
and they could not escape the fact that there was a fault.

Last Friday, 27th January, BT finally accepted that there was a significant fault at the
Kimbolton exchange. I had a call from BT at about 2pm yesterday, 31st January, to say
that the fault had been rectified. The chap I have been dealing with for the last few weeks
confirmed that the fault affected more people than just me but could not put a number on how
many; it could be anywhere between 20 & 200.

Ironically my DSL Rate has dropped from 2880kbps yesterday morning to 2400kbps this
morning. Knowing how changes by BT can decrease speed as well as increasing it, it might
be worth you checking your speed.

Here is the link to the speed checker if you need it :-

Two pieces of information gleaned during these discussions are quite enlightening.
Firstly, the improvement to the Kimbolton exchange, scheduled for 31st May 2012,
(See – ) is unlikely to benefit
those of us with speeds of less than ~2Mb. It will only benefit those with speeds in excess of

Secondly, I was told that it is unlikely that we will get a fibre optic (FTTC) connection in the
next ten years.

I would be very interested in receiving your feedback or any contradictory comments you
may like to make please. I’m sure some of you will know a lot more than me about this.

Best regards,
Roger Harding
Email :


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