Update on Affordable Housing project provided by Anthony withers at Parish Assembly

Proposal to build affordable housing on Charity Field (summary)
Notes for Annual Parish Assembly April 19 2017
3 sections, Background, Where we are now, Structure of the proposal
1. Brief background
Questionnaire for Village Plan reveals demand for affordable housing.
Ex Parish Councillor suggests Charity field could be used.
Steering group set up, investigation of practicality, visits to similar schemes.
Steady progress then govt and RTB proposals.
Late 2016 govt shifts position on RTB and Steering Group re-assembles to re-visit the scheme.
Initial action was to apply to the National CLT for a grant to help with the legal aspects. Note: we have been successful in securing £4k.
2. Where we are now
On Feb 15 and March 22 meetings held to resuscitate the scheme. The first meeting, with the CLT, was to establish a routemap.
The 2nd meeting convened the major players – CLT, Luminus and HDC Housing and Planning. Luminus and HDC both gave verbal indications that our scheme was feasible.
However, we are awaiting written agreements from both organisations, plus of course detailed plans.
3. Possible structure of the scheme
The Parish Charities grant the land to Gt Staughton CLT on a long lease (150 years). The CLT will in their turn negotiate a 99 year lease with Luminus who will build the houses and manage the scheme.
An Allocation Cttee, consisting of representatives from the Charities, the Gt Staughton CLT and HDC Housing will consider applications from eligible people ie with family and/or work connections to the village.
The Gt Staughton CLT will actually be a Community Benefit Society and every permanent resident of GtSt will be a member, possibly by purchasing a share for a nominal sum. This CBS will control the housing
and its tenants via a board of trustees, elected every 3 years. Initially the present steering group will act as trustees for 3 years.
An advantage of the CBS is that it is not restricted to housing. If for example a valued village facility (pub, shop etc) were threatened with closure, the CBS could step in to save it


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