Village Hall minutes March

Minutes of the Gt Staughton Village Hall Committee meeting held on 22nd March 2017


Present: Kevin Fisk(Chair) Bob Jewell, Doris Dainty, Trisha Richards, Helen Glanville,

               Lesley Spafford.

Apologies: Phil Yates.


Previous minutes read, agreed & signed.


MA: Reminder to thank Steve Barker                                                     Action LS

Baby changing signs ready, to be laminated.                                         Action HG

Cleaning company due in end of March.

Has disabled toilet been cleared? Yes as much as possible. To check after meeting.

Nappy problem improved.

Photographs for screen, still to be taken.                                                Action VG

Fuel cost sheets of last 3yrs to Kevin.

Bob reported: lights ongoing with Graham Lancaster.

Film license enquiry still to be followed up.                                              Action LS

Pensions: Cambs Acre 1st May all in place.


Treasurer’s Report: Balance cf £3,672.45       Bank Balance £3,910.37

Spread sheets handed out.

New fridge freezer purchased.

Busy Bees to finish in May. Pilates asked if they would like daytime slot, declined.


OM: Tombola gone missing. Will try school.                                            Action VG

Parish council has agreed to fund guttering & fascias, work to be carried out in 6 weeks time.

Will not cause disruption to inside hall.


Improvements: Grant environment . Will try to stay in £30 k – £35 k bracket. 11% to Parish Council.

Sheets available for breakdown.


Options 1 Heating : Replace boiler 7 have hot water heaters in each toilets & panel heaters.

Approx costs : £11,000


Option 2  Air con heating costing £10,000. Advantage remote controlled or timetabled & will heat up in only 30 minutes.

Instillation similar.


Loft & backroom to be insulated.


Quotes for all windows & doors double glazed £12,000.

Kitchen upgrade on hold.

Safety flooring required in toilets.


Heating is priority. Will require hall to be closed for 4-6 weeks, proposed August –Sept 2017.

Providing the grant goes through.

All agreed to go forward, to be in by May.                                                          Action BJ & KF

Equal opportunities policy adopted proposed by HG  seconded by KF.

Safe guarding policy agreed proposed by HG seconded by KF.

Hire of Hall policy adopted proposed by HG seconded by KF.

PC need to know by their next meeting.

Window & flooring quote x2.                                                                                 Action KF

 Insulation quotes                                                                                                  Action BJ


 AOB :Vicki to thank Caroline for loan of heaters.


                                      Next meeting TUES 25th APRIL 2017 @ 8PM


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