The Parish Councillors take pleasure in inviting you to the

Annual Parish Assembly on Wednesday, 19th April 2017

at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

 The Councillors would like to inform villagers of recent activities including the progress of the successful Highway Improvement grants and progress on the proposed affordable housing on the charities field on the Green.

 It is anticipated that the District and County Councillors and the Police will be present to give updates on wider issues.

The Parish Council will continue with the proactive approach for the Annual Parish Assembly, and will be offering Clubs and Societies interaction with those present. Table space will provided for groups to display leaflets, etc.

 Refreshments will be offered before the meeting officially begins at 7.30pm and there will be an opportunity for one-to-one discussions/networking from 7.15pm and also following the meeting.

Jo Reid

Parish Clerk

Additional Information

Great Staughton Annual Parish Assembly April 19 2017

The Great Staughton Annual Parish Assembly  (APA) is widely regarded as one of the most lively and well attended in the district and this year should be no exception. There will be the usual reports from village organisations, and the forum where residents can raise any issues for later follow up by the Parish Council.

One of the most highly anticipated events this year is sure to be the presentation on current progress on the CLT project for building affordable houses for people with a local connection.

As many of you will be aware some progress has been made in the last two months, and at time of writing we are expecting further news in time for the APA.

More information on the project on April 19.

A quick recap might be useful:

The project was started some 4 years ago and progress was made, albeit slow.

The approach was to establish a Community land trust (CLT) in Great Staughton as the vehicle to deliver and manage the scheme. Membership will be open to all residents who express an interest and who may be asked to pay a nominal sum for a share. Only Great Staughton residents will be eligible.

The project then stalled for 2 years because the government proposed to extend the right to buy to tenants of CLT housing.

At the end of 2016 the government backtracked  and the CLT Steering Group resuscitated the project. In the meantime any issues around the use of charities land for this purpose have been resolved with the charities commission.

Obviously we needed to find a way forward in what is a very complex project so we called upon CLT East to give us guidance. A first meeting in February pointed the way forward which was, amongst other suggestions, to consult the other players in the scheme.

Thus, a second meeting was held in March with the Steering Group, CLT East plus Luminus and HDC Planning and Housing. To continue the project, finance is required and to this end a detailed application was made to the National CLT, requesting a grant of £4k. We expect to learn whether we have been successful by the time of the APA.

At this meeting Luminus and HDC gave their approval in principle that the scheme could go ahead, but we have as yet received no binding, written commitments from either body. The proposal is for the land to be leased to Luminus and they will manage the houses. The current suggestion is for 10 dwellings to be built with 2 houses for sale.  The remaining dwellings will be built for people with local connections.

That is the current status. There are numerous legal and leasing arrangements to be agreed and ratified, but for the moment we can say that the project is on track, but that there are many, many significant hurdles to overcome.

Further consultation will occur as required and the normal planning consultation will take place as a part of the scheme. Details will appear in Life magazine, the village website and on Facebook. At all stages there will be consultations with residents who will hopefully bring their comments, positive and negative, to general attention.



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