Vllage Hall Meetings and Minutes

Minutes of the Gt Staughton Village Hall meeting held on 25th Jan 2017 Present & apologies as AGM. Previous minutes agreed.
MA: All agreed work should be carried out. By Graham from Beachampstead Rd. 3 quotes received 3 others did not respond. Work to be done once weather improves.
Tiles: quote was £700 work done for £380. Steve Barker to be thanked
Action LS Baby changer: is installed in disabled toilet. Signs to be put up. This room needs clearing.
Urinals: have been cleaned. Cleaning: company booked for 4th April. Nappy problem improved!  Please be considerate of other users in store cupboard, thank you Busy Bees. Village photos: still to be done. Oil refilled. Table: labels & storage for tables, sorted. Outside lights: working. Do switches need moving? Sensor lights Graham Lancaster to be asked.                                         Action BJ
Pads replaced in defibrillator. Toilet seats: replaced. Film license: enquiry not done.
Action LS Pensions Cambs ACRE £45 set up fee, all in agreement, in progress.
Action HG Smoke alarms moved but still going off now & again when cooking. Grab rails done. Thank you to Phil. Cricket club charged & paid.
Treasurer’s Report: Bank Balance £4,040.64  Bookings Report: Puppy class returned for 11 sessions on Saturdays. Election: booking. Dance group bookings. Parties booked in. Hall is booked everyday. OM: Emergency lights were tested on 17th Jan 2017.
WI said lights staying on. Switch off in entrance. Exit green lights always on.
Boiler has been sorted. Heating update: ongoing.                                                 Action BJ & KF Last 12 months fuel costs required by KF

Action HG Youth Club have lost a portable 10 pin bowling set. Please could Busy Bees check hasn’t been tidied with your toys, thanks.

Next meeting WED 22nd MARCH @ 8PM all groups welcome to attend.

Minutes of the Gt Staughton Village Hall Committee AGM held on Wednesday 25th January 2017

Present: Kevin Fisk (Chair), Phil Yates, Bob Jewell, Tricia Richards, Sue Cowley, Vicki Goldsmith, Helen Glanville, Lesley Spafford

Apologies: Doris & Ken Dainty, Liz Wetzel

Previous AGM minutes agreed & signed.

Chairman’s Report: It has been a good year with the hall being used on a regular basis. We have made improvements albeit minor, but we have various projects to look at in the future.

The fascia and guttering is to be completed in the coming months after the Parish Council’s approval for the work to be undertaken. I’d like to thank them for that.

The bowls club have made a fantastic cover which has fitted into the hall well and freed up space in the storeroom.

We have a defibrillator that has proved life saving already and is a great asset to the village.

Thanks to Lancaster Electricals for all the work they have undertaken.

I’d like to thank Bob Jewell for all his efforts with the issue of damp and the defibrillator.

Thank you to Vicky for all hard work in the running of the hall.

Thank you to Helen for keeping the accounts in check and also working with Vicky organising replacement fittings.

Thanks to Lesley for taking the minutes. Thank you to all the committee for all the help and more importantly their time given voluntarily. I don’t think people realise how much time is given to keep local amenities & groups running & without them the village would be a sad place to live. Thank you, Kevin.

 Treasurer’s Report: Made a profit!  Spread sheets distributed. Have one outstanding invoice. Bank Balance: £4,040.64

Hall hire: VG suggested an hourly rate would be easier. £45 for 4 hrs £10 charged for each extra hr. Present rate low £10.50 up £11.00     ‘’          ‘’   med £12.50 up to £13.00    ‘’           ‘’ High £15.00 up to £16.00 £50.00 for an adult daytime party hires. £85.00 for evening adult party hires.

Vicky’s salary to be raised to £200

The 2016 committee stood down. All committee re-elected Chair Kevin Fisk                                  Vice Chair Bob Jewell                                  Treasurer Helen Glanville                                  Bookings Vicky Goldsmith                   Minutes secretary Lesley Spafford All

Minutes of the Gt Staughton Village Hall Committee meeting

held on 2nd Nov 2016

Apols: Liz Wetzel & Mike Keeble.

Present: Kevin F (Chair), Helen G, Bob J, Phil Y, Doris D, Tricia R, Vicki G,

Lesley S.

Minutes agreed & signed.

MA:  Quote for all work £4916. Valleys are a problem & flat roof & tiles cracked or missing.

Steve Barker to be contacted about repairing roof tiles.           Action HG

Try Apex & GB Builders for quotes before by 14th Nov for PCC meeting on 16th Nov                                                                                 Action HG

NB// some lights will have to be isolated for work to be carried out.

Are fixings for changing table in box? Kevin to check.

Deep cleaning: done.

Urinal: needs further cleaning.                                            Action PY

Cleaning company: to be used again April/May 2017 for spring clean.

Nappy problem: still ongoing. Please note we could be fined by Environmental Health!

Village photos required for screen, Chloe to be asked.        Action VG

Treasurer’s Report: Bank Balance £5,474.74 spread sheets available.

Oil delivery: due in tomorrow.

Bookings Report: Helen to be Emergency cover this Sunday.

Parties: something on each weekend this month.

Tables need labelling, small tables need storage.                  Action VG

OM: Difrib pads sorted.

Light fitting above pool table repaired, invoice due.

Lights down the side, outside not working. Sensor lights suggested, deferred.

Toilet seats: more to be bought.                                            Action VG

Film license: call still to be made.                                           Action LS

Premises: insurance done.

Pensions: discussed re Vicki. Gov set up free NESTS figures would need to be submitted. Each mth. Look at ACRES.                          Action HG

Move smoke alarm as goes off when FC cooks.                         Action PY

Grab rail needs to be fixed in the mens toilet.

Cricket club: to be charged for extra cleaning after comedy night.

Next meeting AGM WED 25TH JAN 2017 @ 8PM

Minutes of the Gt Staughton Village Hall Committee meeting

held on 1st Sept 2016

Present: Kevin Fisk (Chair) Helen Glanville, Vicki Goldsmith, Bob Jewell, Phil Yates, Mike Keeble, Lesley Spafford

Apologises: Trish Richards

Minutes agreed & signed

MA: Guttering: quotes x2 in, do not included fascias.

Table clips: no longer required as 4 tables have gone. 4 new ones will be delivered to school next week.

Baby Changer: to be fitted.                                                     Action KF

Curtain track: has had a temporary repair, but does need replacing. 9 tracks or poles needed try Dunelm.                                         Action ?

WI: invoice paid.

Deep cleaning quote £243 which is for everything & includes vat. Subsequent cleans would be cheaper. St Neots cleaning company. Any Thurs or Fri except 6th Oct (flu clinic day)

Nappies: there is still a problem with nappies not being taken away.

Disabled toilets have been blocked with wet wipes.

Mens toilets were blocked with paper towels.

Please can groups check these facilities before you leave the hall & report any problems to Vicki ASAP, thank you!

Art pictures needed for the new screen. Phil to ask Nicole.


Treasurer’s Report: Bank Balance £5,777.68 sheets distributed.


Booking Report: No trouble with parties.

U3A Ballroom Dancing on Sundays.

OM: Fascias & gutters to be done. Major work to be organised.

Defibrillator was used successfully; the patient is home & recovering.

Pads replaced & ready to use again. A contact for Bob J will be put in box to report if it has been used.

AOB: More toilet seats to be ordered.                                ActionVG

A& E audio sound for indoor cinema.                                     Action KF

Ask Kimbolton whether we require a license.                        Action LS

Next meeting WED 2nd NOV 2016 @ 8PM      

Minutes of the Gt Staughton Village Hall Committee meeting

held on 13th July 2016

Present: Kevin Fisk (Chair), Helen Glanville, Vicki Goldsmith, Bob Jewell

Doris and Ken Dainty, Phil Yates, Trish Richards.

Apologies: Lesley Spafford.

Minutes agreed and signed.

MA: Guttering – quote for replacement fascias.                        Action KF

Phil cleared guttering

Table clips still needed.                                                               Action VG

Baby changer to be installed.                                                     Action KF

A curtain track has come down.                                                   Action VG


Treasurer’s Report: Bank Balance £4,274.38

Spread sheets distributed.

Email WI invoice                                                                      Action HG Bookings Report: U3A is back Sunday night.

Tables damaged, order more, 2 big, 2 small                               Action HG

OM: FC remarked that the ladies toilets need a deep clean. It was agreed that we looking into having a domestic cleaning company in to clean the floor tiles in the toilets & kitchen.                                               Action  KF

NB// Nappies are classed as chemical waste the Village Hall is not covered to remove these. Therefore we ask all parents & carers to take these when you leave please. Email busy bees                             Action HG

The toilets are quite stained, quote for stain cleaning.                Action KF

Anglian Water report- need to replace boiler, quote for Grant, heating, guttering, toilets, everything – spec for Grant                         Action KF

Work top replacement in kitchen                                              Action KF


The collage cover for loft space is getting tatty.  Simon Clarke to make a Country Scene cover. Article in  Life to get villager input             Action RJ

Bowls club, thank you for space for carpets.  It’s made a big difference to the club and ease of use.

Next meeting THURS 1st Sept @ 8PM VH committee rooms.

Minutes of the Gt Staughton Village Hall Committee meeting

held on 1st June 2016

Present: Kevin Fisk (Chair), Helen Glanville, Vicki Goldsmith, Bob Jewell

Lesley Spafford.

Apologies: Phil Yates.

Minutes agreed.

MA: Guttering Steve Timms & Steve Barker to be contacted.   Action KF

KF has spoken to a painter.

Table clips still needed.                                                              Action VG

Tea urn arrived. NB// Please could hall users not put this on the floor, thank you.

A curtain track has come down.                                                   Action VG

The Fire blanket has been returned. A new one was purchased.

Smoke Alarms fitted thank you to Ken Dainty.

Defibrillator :No extra insurance required.

Baby changing unit arrived, to be fitted in the disabled toilet room.

Treasurer’s Report: Bank Balance £4,280.40

Spread sheets distributed.

Bookings Report: Lots of parties recently, more to come.

Election hire 23rd June.

OM: FC remarked that the ladies toilets need a deep clean. It was agreed that we looking into having a domestic cleaning company in to clean the floor tiles in the toilets & kitchen.

NB// Nappies are classed as chemical waste the Village Hall is not covered to remove these. Therefore we ask all parents & carers to take these when you leave please.

The toilets are quite stained with limescale, try coke.                Action VG

New toilet seats to be ordered.                                                 Action KF KFsuggested we paint to toilet rooms.

AOB:BJ went to a presentation in Waterbeach, landfill sites, grants more money in pots for village halls . Paint scheme.                   Action BJ

Looking at best way to heat the hall, heating low temps, or covers.

Need to write specifications.

Anglian Water coming on 27th June @ 3:30 pm.

The collage cover for loft space is getting tatty.  KF suggested we ask Simon Clarke to make a Country Scene cover.

Could we hold film nights? Do we need a license? Projector. Ask A & N Audios                                                                                      Action KF

Pensions Part 1 done by HG. Charity Commission put in.

Next meeting WED 13th JULY @ 8PM VH committee rooms.

Minutes of the Gt Staughton Village Committee meeting

held on 23rd March 2016

Present: Kevin Fisk (Chair), Bob Jewell, Vicki Goldsmith, Helen Glanville

Doris & Ken Dainty, Lesley Spafford.

Apologies: Tricia Richards, David Palmer.

Previous minutes amended, apols to Liz W, omitted to print that you had enquired about hiring hall on Wed eves, this is not possible at present.

Minutes agreed.

MA: Guttering Steve Barker to be contacted. Neighbours are happy, to allow access to side of property. Gully traps & downpipe required.

Steve Timms to be contacted.                                                 Action KF

Back of building debris cleared thank you to Pete Goldsmith. Chairs still to be taken.

Table parts to be ordered. VG to photograph parts first.        Action VG

A tap has been knocked off a tea urn. VG to order a new one.  “          “

Please all hall users own up to any damages thank you!!

Fire blanket has gone missing. A new one has been ordered, at a cost of £18.

New curtain track needed for back room. Not urgent.       Action VG

Bowls: Rollers ordered, fixings required. Delivered towards end of March.

Old crates: donate to allotments.                                            Action KF

Smoke alarms arrived.

First Aid for defibrillator one taken place another to be held.

Bookings Report: Church of God has finished using hall. They donated their metal cabinet to the FC.

Elections: hall hired on 5th May & 23rd June. VG to inform YC.

Titanium Fireworks will use hall again.

Have a booking for New Years Eve.

Treasurer’s Report: Bank Balance £4,341.84

Pension Cambs ACRE May 2017 Vicki advised to opt in.

AOB: Defibrillator insurance to look into.                       Action HG

Difib need to check regularly that the ring is showing.

NB//Outside light will be left on now so that the defibrillator is visible!!!

Smoke alarms need to be fitted. Two in hall one at each end, in opposite corners. One in backroom & one in kitchen.

Baby changing unit, to be ordered from ESPO,£115. To be fitted on wall in disable toilet.

Busy Bees commented that the radiators are too hot. Options being looked at, possibly covers.

Heating in hall: to be addressed.

Date & time of next meeting 1st JUNE 2016 @ 8PM.

Minutes of the Gt Staughton Village Hall Committee meeting

held on 27th Jan 2016

Apols: Liz Wetzel, Mike Keeble, David Palmer.

Present: Kevin Fisk (Chair), Bob Jewell, Vicki Goldsmith, Doris & Ken Dainty,

Tricia Richards, Jackie Wilkie, Helen Glanville, Lesley Spafford.

MA: Guttering quote £720. Need permission from next door to access side.

Downpipe may need replacing.                                Action KF & BJ

Steve Barker to carry out work.

Bowls Club: Carpet design shown, measurements taken & size agreed 26”.

Ken to make a cover.

Apologies are given to the Friendship Club for the damage to their handicraft work, shall be moved to entrance hall.

Debris has not been cleared from back outside. VG to ask Pete.

Smoke alarms.                                                                                Action HG

Table parts re order.                                                                        Action VG

Difibulater now fitted on wall by door. Thank you to Graham Lancaster.

First Training: 4th Feb. DVD available a sign to go up.                Action BJ

Treasurer’s Report: Bank balance £3,835.14

Audit Feb 2016.

Bookings Report: Simon Page of Titanium Fireworks holding a weekend conference. Booking charge £200.

Wedding Bookings charge £100.

Outside light: still being left on occasionally. Reminder: switch off please!

WI: hall temperature has been fine.

OM: Vicki had an accident in kitchen. A high fridge switch had been turned off.

A light fell on Vicki s head and subsequently she hurt her back.

Please all group members only come into hall at your allotted time. If you do require access you must make arrangements with Vicki first.

Anyone with keys for hall that they no longer require should return them to Vicki or a committee member. Thank you.

Emergency lights all fine, checked by Graham Lancaster. Thank you Graham.

Friendship Club were short of plates for Christmas dinner. Bob bought a few.

FC also asked for paper towels. These have been ordered.

Thank you s for MY & Cathy Wilson.                                 Action HG

Next meeting 23rd MARCH 2016 @ 8PM

Minutes of the Gt Staughton Village Hall Committee AGM

held on 27th Jan 2016

 Apologies: Liz Wetzel, Mike Keeble, David Palmer.

Present: Mervyn Young (Chair) Vicki Goldsmith, Kevin Fisk, Tricia Richards,

Jackie Wilkie, Ken Dainty, Doris Dainty, Bob Jewell, Helen Glanville,

Lesley Spafford.

Previous AGM minutes agreed & signed.

Chairman’s Report: 2015 was a good year for the Village Hall. After a few years of reduced bookings and income, I can report that all is back on track. Revenue is up and the hall is used everyday. The Hall has retained its 5* HDC rating after improvements to the kitchen were carried out, bringing it up to the required high standard.

As reported at the November meeting I will be standing down as Chair and leaving the committee. This will allow fresh eyes and enthusiasm to go to the next level, which are improvements to the fabric of the building similar to those carried out at the Pavilion.

Thanks to all who supported me over the last few years and best wishes for the future.

Bob gave a vote of thanks to Mervyn on behalf of the committee.

Treasurer’s Report: Spread sheets available. Bank balance £3835.14

The 2015 Committee stood down.

Election of new committee:  Chair Kevin Fisk proposed by BJ   2nd VG

Vice Chair Bob Jewell “               LS    “ HG

Treasurer Helen Glanville          LS    “ KF

Secretary Lesley Spafford       HG   “ VG

Bookings Clark   Vicki Goldsmith        KF    “LS

Minutes of the Gt Staughton Village Hall Committee meeting

held on 11th Nov 2015

Present: Mervyn Y (Chair), Tricia R, Kevin F, Vicki G, David P, Doris D,

Ken D, Bob J, Mike K, Helen G, Lesley S.

No Apologies received.

Minutes of previous meeting agreed & signed.

MA: Fire Alarms need sounders. (?) Smoke alarms; 4 to be ordered. Action HG

Pilates not started as teacher injured, still wishes to hire hall.

Difibulater & training aids arrived. How & where to be decided.

Training to be organised.

Zumba: finished, not enough take up. Young Yoga Class also finished.

Guttering work: not sure whether this has been done. Action HG

Dampness: Bob has a report. Recommendation: gutters malfunctioning, possible debris,

Additional downpipe required.

Two front walls have been observed on wet days to ascertain whether the road has puddles

which require work. Contact CC if this is the case.

Tiles may have slipped.

A damp proof course could be put in, only at front, once other jobs done.

Larger guttering should help. Try Steve Timms again. Action HG

(Kevin offered to do guttering if required)

Debris at back of hall, needs clearing i.e. chairs, old oil tank, Grass long.

Vicki to ask Pete. Will be paid for time. Action VG

Old chairs disposal. Action MY

Bob has thanked the gentlemen for his report.

Parts for tables. Action VG

Treasurer’s Report: Spread sheets distributed. Bank Balance £3391.

Bookings Report: Landan Cole has booked a weekend.

OM: Comedy night left the hall in a mess. Bob says he will attend next time.

Bowls: Ken asked whether the snooker table could be moved. Not possible.

Or can they install mounts to house their carpets. Ken to build a storage cupboard. He will

look into this.

Village Sports cups added to collection.

Outside light: still being left on.

AOB: WI complained the hall had been too hot! Not in again until Jan, when the heat maybe


Next meeting AGM 27th JAN 2016 @ 8PM

NB// Mervyn will be standing down as Chair at the AGM

Minutes of the Gt Staughton Village Hall Committee meeting held on 9th Sept 2015

Present: Merv Y (Chair) Tricia R, Vicki G, David P, Margaret Emeleus representing Horticultural Society, Helen G, Bob J, Andy M, Patrick H,

Lesley S.

No Apologies received.

MA: Kitchen done.  The inspector was very happy & all fine for a year.

Thank you to Patrick Harris for the tiles. (Pat has more if anyone is interested)

Fire Alarms contact fire station.                                            Action HG

Tables all went well with events.

Guides have unfortunately lost evening as a new Pilate’s class has booked hall.

Bob reported that the Difibulater has been approved by BHF & East Anglia Ambulance. This will be purchased.

Weeds sorted.

Minutes agreed & signed.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance £2626.13. Spread sheets available.

BB behind on payments.

Previous Pilates class owes for several sessions.                Action VG & MY

Bookings Report: Baby Yoga starting 9th Oct

New Pilates class 7th Oct

Zumba class to start on Sat mornings. (may have to cancel if a weekend booking is required).

OM: David informed us the guttering at front is leaking into the notice board box. Ask Steve Barker to sort.                                 Action HG

Dampness on hall wall needs looking at by a surveyor.         Action MY /PH

Horticultural Society gave their thanks for help with setting up the tables for the annual show. Did however feel they were short of small tables. A few need repairing. Vicki to order parts.           Action VG

AOB: Church Coffee morning found the hall cold. Press boast button if needed, though heating will be on next time.

Next meeting   WED 11TH NOV 2015 @ 8PM

Minutes of the Village Hall Committee meeting held on 8th July 2015

Present: Mervyn Y (Chair) Doris D, Vicki G, David P, Tricia R, Kevin F,

Bob J, Helen G, Lesley S.

No Apols were received.

Minutes amended, agreed & signed.

MA: Kitchen work starts Tues 4th Aug.

DP spoke to HDC inspector who will come to see after wk is done.


Will cupboards need emptying? FC group will & WI . A key will be made available to Steve Timm. Tiles to be moved into the hall. VG & BJ to call in on 4th.

VG had an email from Busy Bees regarding smoke alarms during their risk assessment. Can they fit them? Agreed.

Tables survived the down pour!!

YC: Hugh Duberly happy for his to be used on 18th July Gala Day.

Large wooden tables from behind bar available & 50 chairs, to be collected before 12:00 noon. Suggest these to be stored over night in Pavilion.

Pavilion is having improvements over the summer, it is hoped this will help VH with future decisions. Funding from Cambs Grants (Energy) Foundation.

Treasurer’s Report: Spread sheets handed out.

Balance £3,653.

BJ mentioned Cambs Funding Fair a soft ware web site which handles bookings & invoicing. £175 per yr, offer a 3mth trail period.

Bookings Report: Pilates has finished.

St Andrews has booked hall for several lunches & coffee mornings. Lower rate will be charged. To be held once a month trail Tues?

Guides to restart in Sept.

OM: Parish Council have requested VH site a defiborator outside the VH.

BHF Charity at a cost of £400. BJ to sort money, which will be refunded. Difiborator will only work if there is no heartbeat. Probably provide training once installed.

Wifi not interested.

AOB: Weeds at front. Next meeting WED 9th SEPT 2015

May meeting

Minutes of the Gt Staughton Village Hall Committee meeting

held on Wed 13th May 2015

Present: Mervyn Young, Vicki Goldsmith, Helen Glanville, David Palmer, Kevin Fisk, Tricia Richards, Bob Jewell, Lesley Spafford..

Apols: None

Previous minutes agreed & signed.

M.A: Steve Timms to do work in kitchen.

Kevin confirmed the radiator is not leaking.

Thank you sent to Graham Lancaster.

BB problems improved , thank you.

Treasurer’s Report: Bank balance £3,750.28

Spread sheets distributed.

Thank you to everyone for paying by BSC, great for Helen.

Bookings Report: Doing well.

Earned £200 from Election !!

Parties coming up.

Church to borrow tables for Garden Party & Hog Roast June 20th & 21st.

Youth Club to borrow for Gala on July 18th . Quiz planned for same evening.

Helen to contact both organisations re loan deposit. New tables not to get wet, may suggest borrowing older robust tables from Hugh Duberly.                     Action HG

O.M: Green Deal inspection apparently no one has received a grant from this, so a waste of money.

Kevin F knows two companies will get some quotes for us. He suggested we re vamp heating, insulate the water tank, install a combi boiler. To do some costing & report back at next meeting. Can PC get loans?                                                    Action KF

Boiler needs to be replaced before next Winter.

Busy Bees have used more cupboard space. YC more?

Bowls Club carpet problem has been resolved.

A.O.B: Helen as nominated person, received an Official letter regarding pensions. This is in the system for future reference.

Date & time of next meeting WED 8th JULY 2015 @ 8PM in Committee Rooms.

All welcome.


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