9th Annual litterpick report
There was an excellent turnout on a cold February morning for our annual littterpick adventure. More than 20 people spread out over the village to harvest a sadly bumper crop of litter. It was the usual low class stuff – sweet wrappers, crisp packets, coffee containers, energy drink and beer cans. Hopes of finding a Harrods bag or a ticket stub from Covent Garden proved illusory, thus meaning that we failed to win the litter diversity award yet again. One unpleasant example of diversity was the human waste that was found. It doesn’t do the reputation of the village any good that parts of it are now used as a toilet.
Overall, the litterpick was a huge success and thanks to everyone who took part. Thanks to Caroline and Nick at the Tavern who provided a much appreciated coffee, soup and sandwiches for exhausted pickers.
Finally, if anyone would like to borrow a bag opener and picker to collect any litter they see around the village just let me know.
Thanks to everyone!
Anthony Withers



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