Village Veterans

Veterans meeting

Five of us got together in the White Hart on October 6 to see whether there was any enthusiasm for creating some sort of informal group to celebrate the fact that there are still quite a number of people who came to the village shortly after the new estate was built in 1970-4.

There was a good deal of reminiscing over those early days as might be expected. The creation of the Community Association and the many events which they organised still evoke lively memories. The Stagers, who gave two performances a year, first a “serious” play in spring, and the raucous pantomime at Christmas. This involved numerous children which of course ensured that parents and grandparents swelled the ranks of the audience. There were fireworks on the playing field. There was the Staughton Quiz, which proved a very popular Saturday night experience during the winter months. In the summer, a safari games evening took competitors to the three pubs to play darts, skittles, dominoes and crib, ending up in the Village Hall to play bowls. Also in the summer Feast Week occupied a week in the playing field. A highlight was the round Dillington race, won every year, as far as I remember, by Harry Pitt the milkman.

And not forgetting the memorable year that Great Staughton (“Great Little Village” – I still have the t-shirt) won the County Inter-Village Sports competition.

But that was then, what about now? The meeting came about because several of us “veterans” felt that maybe, in some way, we could make some sort of contribution to the village just as we did all those years ago. Quite what is another matter. Whatever it is it has to be spontaneous, rather than something that simply generates a committee, a constitution, and meetings.

Before and after our get together I had conversations with one or two people who couldn’t attend for various reasons but would be interested to see if anything came of our meeting.

The best idea that emerged, which involves no meetings or commitment was to set up a Veterans email group. If you are interested send an email and I’ll add your details to the Veterans Group.

I’ll start the ball rolling. I like to go to the live transmissions of operas from the Metopera in New York. It’s a great night out and if you are not too sure whether opera is your thing you’ve not invested much time or money if you find you don’t like it. I’d be happy to take a couple of passengers next time I go. Other people may have other ideas for events, shows or exhibitions or simply a get together over a meal.

My email address is

Anthony Withers (01480 861224)


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