village sign 1

Great Staughton Horticultural Society

Refurbishment of the Village Sign

The original Sign was presented to the Village by the Horticultural Society on 12th October 1985. It had done well  to survive for 31 years. Not surprisingly, like many of us, it was beginning to show it’s age. The wooden surrounds were rotten and the paint on the main plaque was flaking off. We later discovered that the main post, below the surface, was three quarters rotten through. It would probably not have survived another winter.

The Society wanted a project that would be a benefit to the village and could serve in memory of our late President Mr. Hugh Stewart. Refurbishing the Village Sign appeared a perfect fit.

All of the rotten timber has been replaced including the main post. The flaking paint on the main plaque has been filled, repainted and a protective coating applied. The aim was to retain the original style. A brass plaque inscribed in memory of Mr. Hugh Stewart has been added.

The Carpentry and all the heavy work was done by Mr. Anthony Weller of Dwellers in Great Staughton and the Artistic Restoration and Painting by Mr Graham Gratton of Keysoe. Both gentlemen have done an outstanding job. They gave us endless advice as the ongoing problems mounted. The Society are very grateful and offer them both our sincere thanks.

The original Sign was presented to the Village, to the Chairman of the Parish Council, Mr Hugh Duberly, on 12th October 1985. Sir Hugh kindly agreed to repeat the ceremony on Friday 12th August 2016 when the Society handed back the refurbished Sign to the Village. The gathering for the ceremony, before we retired to the White Heart for a small libation, may be seen on the attached photograph.

The were some people in attendance who were at the original ceremony in 1985. Mrs Barbara Herdman, Mrs Margaret Emeleus and Mrs Margaret Richardson, who won the competition to design the original sign.

The Horticultural Society thanks all those who attended the ceremony and sincerely hope that the refurbished Sign lasts another 31 years.


Mike Keeble,




One thought on “village sign 1

  1. I examined the sign a few weeks ago and I have to say it looks really great. My congratulations to all concerned

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