Neighbourhood Watch


In this month’s message, we have set out our Mission Statement; followed by the NHW actions needed to achieve the vision set out in that Mission Statement; and the help that we need from the residents of the Parish.


  • Making sure that no one has to feel afraid, vulnerable or isolated in their home.
  • Bringing neighbours together to create a strong, friendly, active community where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen.
  • A community that is focused on trust and respect in which people are safe from crime and enjoy a good quality of life.


To achieve the vision set out in our Mission Statement, NHW needs to:

  • v Increase public participation in the prevention and detection of crime, by making residents aware of potential threats, including fraud; and by encouraging good neighbourliness, so that we look after each other;
  • v Ensure the speedy distribution of Police Alerts and NHW messages, by building on the existing electronic and social media platforms;
  • v Help reduce the fear of crime, by keeping residents informed of the current best advice on how to prevent crime; by welcoming new residents to Parish; by knowing where our vulnerable people reside within the Parish and looking out for them; by promoting good-neighbourly schemes such as Holiday Watch; and by ensuring that residents are aware of and have simple access to support, such as the Bobby Scheme, the Embrace Scheme and the work of charities such as AgeUk;
  • v Build and maintain strong links with the Police, and other agencies such as the National NHW Team and the Police and Crime Commissioner; thus improving liaison between the Police and our community;
  • v Recruit, maintain and support our volunteers, by not asking for a commitment that could compromise their home life and other commitments, by seeking ways of minimising the effort needed to achieve these aims and objectives, and by embracing people who may be able to give just a little of their time without having to feel like they have to over commit; and
  • v Publicise the local commitment to NHW, by the use of signs, window and bin stickers, Facebook, the Parish website and Life Magazine;


All residents can help achieve the vision set out in our Mission Statement by:

  • v Signing up to Police Alerts (Ecops) on the Cambridgeshire Constabulary website;
  • v By joining our Facebook Group, “Great Staughton Neighbourhood Watch”;
  • v Providing NHW with electronic contact details where possible, and agreeing to receive Police Alerts and NHW messages electronically;
  • v Reviewing their own security arrangements to ensure their home and property is protected to the latest information, and by following the current best advice on how to prevent crime;
  • v Looking out for their neighbours, and helping make homes look occupied when their neighbours are away;
  • v Letting NHW know if any of their neighbours are vulnerable to crime or the fear of crime;
  • v Reporting suspicious activity, people and vehicles, in a timely and accurate manner directly to the Police, and to sharing this information with NHW; and
  • v Being the eyes and ears for the Police in the Parish.


We are still looking for volunteers.  We need a new Coordinator for Moor Road and Deputies for several areas of the ParishIf you would like to be involved, or would like more information, please contact to one of the Neighbourhood Watch Steering Group: Caroline Taylor, 869365; Mike Keeble, 860855; John Wakefield, 860314; David Moore, 861195, or Frank Backhouse, 861167; or by email via


See our monthly messages in Life Magazine; the Parish website; and our Facebook page “Great Staughton Neighbourhood Watch”.



Neighbourhood Watch: How it all began…

Back in 1964, in New York, USA, 38 witnesses stood by and watched while a young woman was murdered in the street. The story went ‘viral’ (as far as it could do, back then!) and the first Neighbourhood Watch schemes were set up as a community response to that horrific crime and the realisation that communities were simply not looking out for each other.


The idea spread and in 1982 the first scheme was set up in Cheshire, UK – then called Home Watch. It was only as recently as 2007 that the first national umbrella organisation for the movement was set up with the support of the Police and Home Office. Their mission statement reads:


“The aim is to bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities where crime and antisocial behaviour are less likely to happen. Our vision is that of a caring society that is focused on trust and respect in which people are safe from crime and enjoy a good quality of life. Neighbourhood Watch is about making sure that no-one has to feel afraid, vulnerable or isolated in the place where they live.”


Of course, this is an ideal that we all share and for a Neighbourhood Watch scheme to work effectively in an area all residents ideally need to be involved. It’s not necessarily about becoming a volunteer to help run the scheme but it is, most definitely, about looking out for your neighbour, reporting any suspicious activity to your NHW co-ordinator and, more importantly, the police, and also ensuring that anything you or your family do doesn’t impact negatively on those around you. In a nutshell, it’s all about being a good neighbour. That is the backbone of a truly strong community where everyone feels safe, respected and secure.


Since the recent thefts in Great Staughton, it’s been encouraging to see the number of people reporting problems and keeping an eye on what goes on in the village. That really is encouraging and we hope that this level of diligence is maintained. If you do have an elderly, vulnerable neighbour that you are concerned about (or even a new resident to the village) do please let your local co-ordinator know. If you are concerned about anything happening in the village and don’t know what to do about it, do please contact your NHW co-ordinator.


However, what we do ask is that you are careful about any personal information on other residents you may post up on the village Facebook page when discussing possible crime in the village. Please respect others’ privacy at all times.


Your Great Staughton Neighbourhood Watch scheme won’t be posting newsletters through your door every month from now on as we appreciate that advising residents of incidents after they’ve happened isn’t necessarily useful. What we shall be doing is posting every alert we hear about on the “Great Staughton Neighbourhood Watch” Facebook page which means you will get alerts much quicker if you subscribe to receiving notifications from that page. Do please sign up, if you haven’t already done so.


If there is an urgent message we need to get to our residents we will either email you (if we have your email address) or put a note through your door. If you would like us to keep you up to date by email, please email Please note: any personal details held will be protected under the Data Protection Act 1998.



You can also sign up to the eCops yourselves and receive instant email alerts from Cambridgeshire Police about criminal activity in or around Great Staughton. Go to and register.


The Bobby Scheme

The aim of the Bobby Scheme is to reduce crime and fear of crime to older, vulnerable and disabled people in Cambridgeshire, thereby improving their quality of life and increasing their independence and safety.

The Bobby Scheme secures homes of victims aged 60 and over, non victims aged 65 and over, and disabled residents.  Their ‘Bobbies’ not only fit security equipment to the homes of the elderly victims but also give safety advice.  They offer the same service to non-victims for a small donation.

You can contact them via, or telephone 01480 413311.

Please remember that:

in an emergency contact 999 from a landline

if you are calling from a mobile telephone in an emergency call 112 (you can then be tracked if you don’t know where you are)

for non-emergencies call 101

If you are concerned about a neighbour or activity in your neighbourhood speak to your Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator and call 101.

If you don’t have the details of your local NHW co-ordinator, please contact Frank Backhouse on 861167.


As a final word: if someone comes to your door trying to sell you a service, or get you to sign up to something say NO, politely, and close the door. Most properties in Great Staughton have been given a sticker saying “We’re Not Buying It” and any callers should respect that. If you haven’t got one of these stickers, please talk to your NHW Co-ordinator. It is a criminal offence if a caller does not leave when asked. Should you be concerned about the behaviour of the caller call the police and/or your NHW co-ordinator.


Stay Safe!






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