Parish Charities Bursary Fund


For the past few years the Parish Charities have supported a talented ballet dancer to help with the onerous costs of travel and tuition and this example prompted us to consider creating a bursary to help fund individual young people in Staughton and Perry who are pursuing either a training or educational course.

The Parish Charities therefore propose to create a bursary fund to a value of £5000 to be shared between young people whom the Charities Committee deem deserving of financial support. The maximum award to an individual will be £2000.

The fund is in addition to the normal awards which are made annually to clubs, societies and institutions in the villages of Great Staughton and Perry.


The bursary fund is particularly directed at young people between the ages of 16 and 20 who are already engaged in a training or educational course.

Applicants must be permanently resident in Staughton or Perry.

The bursary is intended to enable the candidate to continue their training or educational development, NOT to attract them into starting a particular activity. 

Exceptionally, an award from the bursary may be made to a younger applicant who shows a particular aptitude in the sporting or artistic sphere, where talent is often revealed at a young age.

 What educational or training courses will be supported?

The Parish Charities wish to cast the net as widely as possible. The Bursary is NOT intended to be a wholly university based award, although of course this will not be excluded. We are keen to encourage applications from young people engaged in a trade or profession: car mechanic, nurse, craftsman, chef and so on, as well as those already pursuing an academic path.

 What can the Bursary be used for?

Again, the Charities will adopt a flexible approach. The money may be used to cover some or all tuition or training fees: travel costs: course/training material: field trips: tools and equipment: residential courses or secondments.

The application process

The Charities are keen to keep the application process as simple as possible. In the first instance, write to:

The Parish Charities

c/o Mrs Eileen Gilbert

27 Beachampstead Road

Great Staughton PE19 5DX.

telling us what training or educational course you are following and how the money would help you. You may mention help with tuition fees, travel costs, books, tools and equipment etc.


Applications need to be in before the end of May. The Charities Committee will then meet to decide on the award, based on the applications received. The Charities may also decide to call in applicants for interview. The awards would be made in September, the traditional start date of academic or training courses.

To ensure transparency in the review of applications, no contact details of the applicant will be disclosed to the Committee. Applications will be judged entirely on their merits.

Anthony Withers

On behalf of the Great Staughton Parish Charities



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