Information from the Police

PCSO Carol List and I (Sgt Kev THORNE) from the St Neots Problem Solving Team brought the mobile police station to the village on the morning of Friday 22nd May, this had been advertised by the NHW newsletter and through our own eCops Alert messages.  The visit was a success and many local residents came and spoke with us.  Of all the issues raised the most prevalent was the issue of parking and I was asked to clarify a couple of points.
Firstly parking where there are double white lines down the centre of the road.  This means you should not stop and park – (this can result in a parking fine) – not even if the broken line is on your side of the road. If there is no convenient lay-by, you may, however, stop briefly to load or unload goods or passengers. (For more info see Regulation 26 of The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002).
Secondly there was a problem of parking facing the wrong way, this only becomes an issue at night and again this can result in a parking fine. (For more detail see Regulation 24 of the 1971 Road Vehicles (Registration & Licensing Regulations)).
Many thanks to all those residents who took the time to come and speak to us.
Tel: 101 Ext 8620


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