parish council minutes nov

Minutes of the Great Staughton Parish Council meeting

held on 6th November 2014 in the Village School


H Duberly (HD) (Chair) J Bowen (JB) G Gilbert (GG)

R Jewell (RJ) W Mumford (WM) P Willmer (PW)

A Withers (AW) M Young (MY) D Palmer (DP) (Clerk)

Also present was County Councillor Peter Downes (PD)

a) Residents Forum

None present

1. Apologies for absence were received from F Backhouse (FB) and District Councillor Jonathan Gray (JG).

2. Minutes of the meeting held on 11th September 2014

The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed.

3. Matters Arising

b/f RJ and PD have received further information on the definition of a building is used for public meetings on a regular basis and the definition now includes the term that it has to be free of charge. c/f Action: RJ

b/f RJ asked whether the community defibrillator was now installed. Check with FB. Action: FB

b/f a response has been received from Hunts DC confirming when Anglian Water begin their construction work heavy lorries will not pass through Great Staughton.

Item 13 The Parish Council now has a laptop and printer for the Clerks use. HD thanked RJ and Martin Bowen for their help setting up the equipment.

Item 13 – RJ reported that a new Editor for Life magazine with good IT knowledge will start in March 2105.

Item 13 GG asked about the fallen trees next to the river Kym. The Environment Agency has been informed.

4. Attendance at other meetings

RJ attended another Cambridgeshire Future Transport meeting and said he thought the bus service for Great Staughton would be revised and extended to include transport to the railway station. The new service will be implemented in 2015.

RJ attended the Parish Council meeting at Hail Weston where the planning application to increase the number of caravans on the site near Piggs Farm was discussed. Hail Weston are opposed to the application for several reasons including the land flooding regularly, and concern about the disposal of sewage. Great Staughton Parish Council also opposed the application, which means that the application will have to go to Planning Committee. RJ suggested that someone from the Parish Council should attend the meeting. Action: RJ/DP

5. Planning

Planning Applications received after 11th September 2104:

1401609FUL 8 The Highway Single storey garage/workshop agreed

1401647FUL The Old Coach House replacement of timber gates agreed

1401/564FUL/LBC 92 Little Staughton Airfield change of use (renewal) agreed

6. Highways

Discussion followed relating to the new street lights. JB has received emails relating to Moory Croft and lighting levels. The light on Cage Lane has been repaired. JB and FB will check the lighting within the village.

Action: JB/FB

HD asked PD for his feedback and PD said that there had been problems in several areas. His main concern was the time taken to complete the work once the holes had been dug which left areas posing a danger. PD has spoken to the officer at Cambs County Council about the serious disruption the installation of the new street lights has caused. AW mentioned the query regarding the light dimming exercise and it is expected to take place within the next few weeks.

Parish Street Light contract is now in place.

GG said there are still parking problems in Vicarage Walk and JB said that parking on the grass verges is causing visibility difficulties for drivers and making it dangerous to exit side roads such as Green Close. MY thought that the traffic passing through the village has increased substantially. Another notice to go in Life. Action: DP

The land owner of the hedges on Staughton Moor on the north side of Moor Road will be contacted to ask for the hedges to be cut back to improve visibility. Action: DP

PD has written to Cambs CC about the new chicane at the Kimbolton Road end of the village and he suggested that a request be submitted for this to be reconfigured when the major road works take place in the village. He suggested that the plans submitted by the Highways Department at Cambs CC should be checked to determine whether they were adhered to. HD said that the Clerk had spoken to residents whose property was hit by a car in the recent accident and they said that the chicane had made a noticeable difference to the speed of the traffic. Unfortunately, some drivers still exceeded the 30mph limit. WM reported that EDF Energy will be install new cables in 2015 which will entail digging up The Highway and he queried whether the road works should take place before the work by EDF. Clerk to inform Cambs CC. Action: DP

Highways Improvement Grant scheme 2015/16 AW and PW will attend a presentation in support of the grant application on 7th November. AW pointed out that the scheme applied for could cost in the region of 25,000 and asked for confirmation that the Councillors supported this application WM proposed the continuation of the application, GG seconded and it was agreed unanimously. PD felt there was a good case for the proposal on safety grounds.

7. Report from County Councillor

PD informed the meeting of his concern for the future services provided by the District & County Councils and suggested that more work would fall to the Parish Councils. The Boundary Commission has contacted the Parish Council and PD confirmed the number of Cambridgeshire County Councillors will be reduced from 69 to 63 but the number of residents is expected to increase by 10%. PD recommended that someone attend the meeting of Local Joint Committees on 24th November as he thought it will be an opportunity for Parishes to work together and perhaps share some services. AW will attend. Action: AW

9. Correspondence


19 Sep Great Staughton Youth Club thank you for donation and invitation to a club night.

17 Sep Stanley Gono, Cambs CC wood waste near Little America Industrial estate. The environment Agency has given the operator until 17th November to clear the site.

19 Sep Barclays Bank complaint submitted by RJ due to private information being sent to the Parish Council in error.

23 Sep Cambs CC Flood & Water Team emergency contact information.

26 Sep Anthony King, Cambs CC approval for siting of bench on The Highway.

02 Oct Ians Sims, Hunts DC invitation to apply for Precept, deadline 19th December.

20 Oct Kimbolton Parish Council meeting of Local Joint Committee.

28 Oct Boundary Commission information about the electoral review of Cambridgeshire.

30 Oct Bridget Halford, Hunts DC invitation to apply for trees via the tree scheme.

31 Oct Stephen McGee, Cambs CC Highway & footway surfacing work on the B645.

03 Nov CAPALC proposed Hunts District Forum.

05 Nov Barclays Bank apology for error and compensation of 100.00.


19 Sep Stacey Miller, Cambs CC support for Cambs Future Transport proposals.

22 Sep Various recipients information re Highway Improvement grant application.

24 Sep Anthony King, Cambs CC request for information re land owner at Staughton Moor.

25 Sep Anthony King, Cambs CC reminder re blocked drains on The Green.

29 Sep Environment Agency trees fallen in the river Kym.

06 Oct Pauline Peacey, Cambs CC gully cleaning request.

09 Oct Peta King-Parcell, Balfour Beatty street light replacement on Cage Lane.

13 Oct Clara Kerr, Hunts DC planning constraint re Anglian Water transport routing.

06 Oct Phillipa Newey, Post Office mobile post office in Great Staughton.

9. Cheques in and out since September 2014:


Hunts DC/Precept balance 7,000.00


H Duberly 10.00

PT Round 235.20

Cambs ACRE 48.00

Countryside Watch 40.00

Village Handyman 1,094.64

GS Youth Club 86.00

Lockwood Lithographics 48.00

Amazon/Laptop & Printer 422.65

Suffolk ACRE/insurance 353.32

PKF Littlejohn 120.00

Clerk (Oct & Nov) 387.86

PR Round 117.60

DJ Hoenig 109.00

Petty cash 19.98

Village Hall grant 1,000.00

Total 4,092.25 Balance in Community account = 11,350.77

All Councillors received a copy of the cashbook prior to the meeting. HD & RJ confirmed they had seen a copy of the reconciled cash book up to 31st October and approved it.

The annual accounts have been approved by the external auditor and are available for viewing via the Clerk.

10. Affordable Housing

AW reported that the scoping day to discuss the feasibility of a Community Land Trust (CLT) had taken place and was helpful. Notes of the meeting to be circulated to all Parish Councillors. Action: DP

HD said that agreement needed to be reached with Luminus on what basis they could utilise the land and the possibilities of the scheme. Debbie Wildridge from CLT East is meeting with Luminus and will report back to the steering group. The steering group plan to meet with Luminus before the end of November. 2 independent members have been recruited to the steering group, Phil Yates and Tracey Stokes. The Parish Charities will need to receive permission from the Charity Commission. HD asked for approval for the Parish Council to join the CLT at a cost of 49.00, agreed unanimously.

11. Report from:

Village Hall Committee

MY reported that a subcommittee has been formed to discuss the work needed in relation to the energy saving report and quotations are being obtained. RJ said the committee is beginning to build up an idea of costs and he thought it would be approx. 20,000.000. MY said the minor works in the kitchen have already begun.

Playing Field Committee

JB reported a new regular booking from a Yoga Club. Piglets are staying in the Pavilion and have an action plan for moving forward. Piglets would like more space so that they can expand their activities and this is under discussion with the Playing Field Committee. HD said the Parish Council is very keen to offer support to Piglets. RJ volunteered to draft a response. Action: RJ

Neighbourhood Watch

FB circulated a report prior to the meeting expressing his disappointment with lack of communication between agencies. This is discouraging for NHW members. A bike marking day took place at the school recently and a Carol singing concert will take place on 19th December.

13. Parish Matters

WM mentioned that a number of refuse bins in the Parish have not been emptied but owners were unsure of the reasons. To be mentioned to JG. Action: DP/JG

JB said there has been several occasions of an aircraft flying low over the village, possibly as low as 100. It has been reported to the Civil Aviation Authority but it may take months to be processed. JB has the registration number and will try to contact the owner of the plane. JB will email WM information. Action: JB/WM

Footppath 29 HD & WM declared an interest and took no part in the discussion.

AW mentioned that footpath 29 is to be reinstated as there were objections to the proposed alternative.


Prior to the meeting a budget was circulated of estimated expenditure for the current financial year together with an estimate for the year 2015/16. Councillors expressed concern that more responsibility will fall to Parishes and additional funding will be required in the future. Last years Precept of 14,000.00 was mentioned and, following discussion, it was proposed by RJ to Precept for 15,000.00, this was carried by a majority. Some Councillors felt that the Precept should be higher.

An attendance sheet was circulated showing the following attendance out of 7 meetings:

FB – 7/7, JB 5/7, HD 7/7, GG 3/7, RJ 7/7, WM 5/7, PW 5/7, AW – 6/7, MY 6/7.

HD mentioned the proposal by the Post Office to site a mobile van in Great Staughton for 2 afternoons a week prior to Christmas. If this is well supported the service could continue and increase in 2015. The Councillors expressed wholehearted support for this.

14. Dates of meetings for 2015

8th January 5th March

16th April Annual Parish Assembly 21st May AGM

2nd July 3rd September

12th November

HD thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 8.50pm.


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