Friendship Club Finances

How the Friendship Club is financed


Some funding is provided by Cambridgeshire County Council and grants from individuals or other organisations.   The Club’s finances are managed by an elected committee of local interested individuals.   Money is also raised by members, staff and supporters for outings and treats, through raffles, lotteries and trading stalls.


The Club was financed for several years by grants from Cambridgeshire County Council, but cuts in the amount of money available meant that from 2012 this grant was reduced by 50%.   There was real concern amongst the members that the Club would be forced to close, but a number of donations have helped to keep it afloat.


We introduced the “100 Club” in 2013 to raise extra money, and this has been very successful.   We have 100 people participating who each donate £5.00 each month, and in return they are entered into a monthly draw, with prizes ranging from £10.00 to £50.00.   An extra draw for £500.00 is made twice a year.


The 100 Club has proved to be very popular with the people who have joined, and the money raised has made a major contribution to our fundraising activities.   We can now look forward with confidence to keeping the Friendship Club open and providing a warm and happy environment for its elderly members.



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