Village Hall minutes November 2014

Minutes of the Gt Staughton Village Hall Committee meeting held on 12th Nov 2014


Present: Geoff Gilbert (chair) Tricia Richards, Doris & Mr Dainty, Vicki Goldsmith,

David Palmer, Bob Jewell, Patrick Harris, Andy Mould, Helen Glanville, Lesley Spafford.

Apologies: Mervyn Young


Minutes read, amended ( apols Tricia & Doris) & signed.


MA: Youth Club up & running.

Guide cupboard gone. Utilising three further cupboards.

YC offered to build more storage if required. With a working party.

Stuff has been moved around, storage room more assessable.

Bowls club happy, FC happy, Busy Bees no complaints.


Electricity: Pavilion to be done.                                                 Action GG

Handyman from Perry. Bob has also spoken to Graham Lancaster regarding

changing light fitting.                                                     BJ to speak to MY

Boiler serviced.

Padlock purchased.


Treasurer’s Report: Balance £2531.32. Spreadsheets circulated.


Bookings Report: Doing well. People in everyday. A whole weekend booking taken.

Parties for Dec & a dance.


OM: Fan in kitchen just needs wiring.

Certificate updated & displayed.

HDC report: heating main concern. Actions: Report sent to local companies.

Quotes received

End results should be improved heating, electrics etc. Steps are in progress.

Grants will be applied for. Grant Scape in March was suggested.

Dave Gait asked if a list could go up of who’s in Hall when, where etc

Games group requested to use side door please.                         VG to mention this.

Radiator leaking in hall.                                 Kevin Fisk to be asked Action BJ??


AOB: WI had trouble with locking door. Big key only to be used. Door swollen in wet.

Mr Dainty offered to plain it down.

Geoff gave a vote of thanks to all helpers who moved, tidied & cleared hall.

Election booths found in hall. To be returned in May.

Pension for VG, 2015 paperwork received. To be looked into.

Tables still to be numbered.


Date of next meeting AGM 28th JAN 2015 @ 8PM


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