Mobile Post Office in Great Staughton

Mobile Post Office in Great Staughton

The Post Office is offering a new mobile Post Office service situated at Brook Farm car park (the former Blades car park) on The Highway in Great Staughton.

The Oakley Mobile will provide the service.  The times will be:

 Monday 14:30-15:30

Wednesday 10:30-12:30

Most Post Office services will be offered including banking for all of the major banks.   Passports, driving licences and vehicle tax will not be available.    The van has wheelchair access.


5 thoughts on “Mobile Post Office in Great Staughton

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    The Post Office has informed the Parish Council that the charity currently running the mobile post office at Blades cannot afford to continue offering the service in Great Staughton. In fact, due to the travelling, they should not have offered the service in the first place! They will continue offering a service on Tuesday afternoons in January. The Post Office is trying to arrange for another mobile post office from a different source to visit Great Staughton.

    • The date of posting on the top post, 14-11-14, I think is wrong as it is later news than my comment above made on 5-1-15.
      I am led to belief that the new dates and times that were supposed to be adopted from 2nd March are already in operation,
      Can anyone confirm this please ?

      • Another villager told me they saw the Post Office van turning into the old Blades car park on Wednesday but could not be sure of the time. This seemed to back up the previous comment that the new “Oakley” service had started earlier than previous announcements. So I rang Hemingford Post Office to ask if they knew about “Oakley” starting early. They did not but were happy to investigate. The lady also told me that they did not come out on Tuesday as the van was being serviced.

        She rang me back to say that the “Oakley” van was just on a test run on Monday to establish where to park and how to get an internet connection.

        So despite some evidence to the contrary the “Hemingford” van will still visit on 17th & 24th February. The “Oakley” van will start as planned on 2nd March.

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