Affordable Housing in Great Staughton

The Parish Council is working with the Great Staughton Charities and the District Council to see if affordable housing can be delivered in the village. The plan is to establish a community land trust to be the vehicle to deliver and manage the potential development.

Meeting of steering group on Affordable Homes Proposal

Village Hall October 19 2016

 Present: HD, RJ, FB, TS, PY and AW

Purpose: to review progress and identify actions, taking into account the need to report to Parish Charities and Parish Council meetings coming up in the next 2 weeks.

 1. Right to buy

 Legislation is underway, but it is not yet clear whether CLTs will be exempt, although this is likely. However, Housing Associations may be caught and we understand that some are considering changing their constitutions to avoid the problem. It is essential that we have control of the scheme.

 Agreed actions:

 – Check with e.g. HASTOE in Norfolk which is believed to have found a solution to the Right to Buy, in a similar situation to ours.

 – Contact D. Wildridge (ex CLT East and now of East Cambs DC) for her input (may be a cost) (HD).

 2. Community Land Trust (CLT) and Luminus

 Using a CLT appears to be the best solution for the scheme and offers an established pathway, with many examples of existing affordable housing.

 Agreed actions:

– Consult with CLT East/CLT National Network (Z. Savory?) and Luminus again (HD/Parish Clerk) and advise them we are now ready to move to the next stage. Organise two separate meetings, with both CLT (before year end) and Luminus (by end January). Luminus have recently emailed Parish clerk to ask whether we are still interested in a scheme. Request further advice on costs and all grants/funding available.

 – Assuming Parish Charities and Parish Council approve, apply for Stage 2 CLT funding (£4000), request Parish Council to fund if required in meantime, on basis of probable refund. Cost of setting up CLT approx. £4500. 

 – Cambs ACRE (M. Sheker) may also be able to help further.

 – Take advice on the structure of a CLT – who should be the trustees/directors and members.

 – Establish agreed committee for CLT.

 – Consider timing of setting up a CLT (once exemption from Right to Buy is clear).  

 – Consider contents of draft heads of terms with Luminus (TS can do in due course when has enough information, plus any other legal issues).

 – Request another visit to suitable existing housing scheme(s) nearby (South Cambs DC?) for those interested (visitor numbers may be limited) (AW).

 – Check if online information exists which depicts suitable existing schemes, possibly Swaffham, Norfolk (BJ).

 3. Parish Charities

 We now appear to have clarified exactly how the relevant land is currently owned and how it could be transferred to a CLT (by existing trustees of the Parish Charities). Transfer of land to a charity (including a CLT) is exempt from Stamp Duty Land Tax at present. To be rechecked in due course (TS).

 Agreed actions:

 – Secure the approval of the trustees of the Parish Charities at their next meeting, to proceed to next stage.

 – Obtain a plan of relevant fields (HD).

 – Publish progress report in Life Magazine.

 – Consider update on village website (BJ).

 – Inform Parish Assembly of progress.

 4. Planning

 HDC have indicated that an application for affordable housing would be well received. Planning cannot be progressed any further at present until other aspects are clearer.

 Agreed actions:

 – Obtain copy of possible plan for the scheme previously drawn up by Luminus.

 – Find out if 2013 village survey is still a valid representation of needs for the proposed scheme, to support planning application – ask M. Deas.


 – Consider likely overall timetable.

 – Contact D. Giddings again.


Minutes of meeting 27th October 2014


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