Parish Council minutes

Minutes of the Great Staughton Parish Council AGM

held on 15th May 2014 in the Pavilion


H Duberly (HD) (Chair) F Backhouse (FB) J Bowen (JB)

G Gilbert (GG) R Jewell (RJ) W Mumford (WM)

A Withers (AW) D Palmer (DP) (Clerk)

Also present were Steve Swan and Sam Hooley from Anglian Water.

a) Residents Forum

None present

Presentation by Anglian Water:

HD declared an interest in the next item and RJ took the chair. Steve Swan gave a short presentation to inform the meeting of the planning application 1400314FUL Grafham Water Resilience Scheme. The application is to construct a covered reservoir, pumping station and diversion of pipeline in order to ensure that, should there be an extreme occurrence to interrupt the water supply from Grafham Water to the 860,000 homes it serves, a contingency plan is in place to maintain the water supply. The application has already been submitted to Hunts DC and Anglian Water anticipate approval will be given to start the works in 2015 with completion a year later. An average of 50 vehicle movements will take place each working day. Full information can be found at, select Planning & Buildings and search by the application number above.

1. Apologies for absence were received from M Young (MY).

2. Election of Officers & Sub-committees:

The following persons were elected:

Chair H Duberly, proposed by G Gilbert, seconded by R Jewell

Vice Chair – R Jewell, proposed by H Duberly, seconded by G Gilbert

Finance Officer R Jewell, proposed by A Withers, seconded by G Gilbert

Parish Charities H Duberly, G Gilbert & A Withers, proposed by P Willmer, seconded by R Jewell

Planning – all Councillors

Playing Field Committee J Bowen, G Gilbert, R Jewell, W Mumford, F Backhouse & M Young,

proposed by H Duberly, seconded by P Willmer

Village Hall M Young, R Jewell & G Gilbert, proposed by A Withers, seconded by P Willmer

Life magazine R Jewell, proposed by H Duberly, seconded by W Mumford

Footpaths A Withers & R Jewell, proposed by J Bowen, seconded by F Backhouse

West Hunts Friendship Club P Willmer proposed by J Bowen, seconded by R Jewell

Highway Warden& Road Safety R Jewell proposed by G Gilbert, seconded by F Backhouse

Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator F Backhouse, proposed by H Duberly, seconded by W Mumford

All nominations were carried unanimously.

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 6th March 2014 were agreed as a true record and signed.

4. Matters Arising

Item 3 RJ said that replies had been received from the party leaders serving on Cambs CC regarding the tax on charities for waste disposal. He mentioned that information from the leader of Cambs CC clarified the situation and businesses are only exempt from the disposal charge not the collection charge. It would appear that UKIP and the Labour party are prepared to raise the problem in the Council and an email from Peter Downes said that the policy is to be reviewed. RJ understood that if the building is used for public meetings on a regular basis then it could be considered to be exempt and he is seeking a precise definition. Action: RJ

Item 3 The clerk wrote to Jonathan Djanogly and will follow up. Action: DP

Item 3 FB informed the meeting that a large cycling event passing through Great Staughton will take place on 8th June and it is expected to attract 500 participants.

Item 11 the village hall car park will be repaired within the next few days. Action: WM

Item 13 information had been circulated from the clerk at Kimbolton about buying and installing a community defibrillator in the village. Following discussion it was proposed to liaise with the village doctors practice to install a defibrillator to be readily available for use by the residents. FB volunteered to contact Dr Roberts to discuss the matter. The outlay will be approximately 1,200.00. Action: FB

Item 13 Cambs CC is dealing with the blocked drain near The Green

5. Parish Assembly

b/f – A request was received to place a traffic mirror opposite the junction to Vicarage Walk to improve the safety of drivers exiting to Green Lane. Following discussion HD proposed that the Parish Council should try to get this work done, unanimously agreed. Clerk to contact Hail Weston Parish Council to check who and how their mirror was installed. Also check whether Cambs CC will pay for this work. Action: DP

AW suggested that a similar mirror should be installed opposite the village car park – to be considered later.

JB mentioned her disappointment that so few village groups and clubs attended the Parish Assembly despite being sent individual invitations. However, FB reminded the meeting that the County Councillor and the District Councillor both complimented the village at the number of people attending.

RJ suggested an additional item be added to the agenda to include the overall financial position of the Parish, how the Precept application is decided and a copy of the accounts to be distributed at the meeting – agreed. Action: DP

6. Attendance at other meetings


7. Planning

Planning Applications received after 6th March 2104:

1400233FUL Hawthorn Works, The Town Change of use to paddock & hobbies room agreed

1400281FUL 8 Manor Close Revised application for single storey extension agreed

1400461FUL 4 The Highway first floor extension & single storey extension agreed

Highways Road Improvement update

The chicane has been completed together with warning signs. The second road improvement scheme at the junction of The Highway and The Causeway will take place during the current financial year.

8. Report from District Councillor

None received.

9. Street Lights

JB had sent the requested changes received from residents to Balfour Beatty. She has been informed that once the new lights have been installed the light levels will adjust automatically within 2 weeks. Residents will be able to request baffles following the adjustment. The requests for lights to be moved from driveways have been accepted.

RJ reported that the light near the bridge at The Town is not working. Action: DP

10. Correspondence


9 April notification from the Post Office that the village Post Office will close. All agreed that this was a loss to the village and that the Parish Council would welcome any suggestions for a replacement. Discussion took place on a Post Office being open on a part time basis or perhaps a mobile unit.

14 April Jonathan Djanogly regarding the A14 improvement scheme.

18 April Lionel Thatcher (Clerk for Kimbolton & Stonely) suggested local councils form Local Joint Committees (LJC) to ensure that local matters are covered and LJC meetings do not just focus on town issues. HD recommended we reply offering strong support for the idea and suggested that this will need to have the support of the District as it will need the relevant authorities to be present. Action: DP

24 April Hugh Stewart wrote with 3 points relating to the playing Field and Pavilion. It was agreed that the Playing FieldCommittee would deal with this. Action: JB

9 May Tracy Elwood, Hunts DC response to request to collect asbestos collected up during the annual litter pick and stored at premises in the village. Hunts DC do not collect asbestos from private premises. It was agreed to arrange for Hunts DC to give a price for collection. Action: WM

11. Cheques in and out since March 2014:


Hunts DC/Precept 7,000.00


Village Handyman 245.03

P Round 117.60

CAPALC subs 303.86

Zurich Insurance 225.91

Playsafety Ltd/RoSPA 174.00

P Round 235.20

CH Brown & Sons 378.22

D Palmer (April & May) 388.06

Petty Cash 24.19

Total 2,092.07 Balance in Community account = 14,120.01

All Councillors received a copy of the cashbook prior to the meeting. HD & RJ confirmed they had seen a copy of the reconciled cash book up to 15th May and approved it.

The Annual Return for the year ended 31st March 2014 had been approved by the Internal Auditor, KE Wilson & Co, The meeting also recorded that they approved the accounting statements prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Accounts and Audit Regulations and proper practices. It was agreed that the Annual Return should be signed by HD, RJ and DP and submitted to the External Auditors. Action: DP

HD informed the meeting that the clerk is going to review the bank accounts. WM notified the meeting that he will need to submit invoices for the maintenance work carried out. Agreed.

HD suggested that the Annual Grants given to village organisations be considered as follows:

Village Hall = 1,000.00 Playing Field = 1,000.00

Life Magazine = 600.00 St Andrews Church/Cemetery upkeep 400.00

All grants remain the same as the previous year and were agreed unanimously.

12. Affordable Housing

HD reported that the Parish Charities Trustees held a meeting to discuss the progress of the Affordable Housing proposal and they felt a joint meeting should take place with members of the Parish Charities, the Parish Council and ACRE to discuss the legal framework. HD & AW will represent the Parish Charities, RJ, GG and FB will represent the Parish Council and Mark Deas will be invited from ACRE. Action: DP

AW is attending an information day given by South Cambs DC which will visit other schemes in the area. WM expressed concern that, although the topic has been under public discussion for more than a year and several notices have appeared in Life inviting people to meetings, some residents were unaware of the proposal for Affordable Housing in the village. RJ said that once the planning application is submitted villagers will be made aware.

WM thought that the footpath running at the side of the proposed site would need to be moved. This will be covered in the planning application.

13. Report from:

Village Hall Committee

GG reported that the income was stable. Some work was needed in the kitchen to meet Hunts DC Health & Safety standards. HD suggested there might be grant making bodies to support this work. Action: MY

Playing Field Committee

JB reported that Chris Bottomley attended the recent meeting and was going to place advertisements locally to try and attract new members to the Tennis Club. The courts will be open for general usage but only the 4 Tennis Club members will be covered by insurance. A notice will be placed at the entrance to the courts to inform people that they play at their own risk. If ultimately the Tennis Club is discontinued the Parish Council may have to take on responsibility for the courts. This could lead to one of the courts having additional markings to form a multi user area which would be available for the school and Piglets. HD suggested that Fields in Trust may have funds available for this work.

A quotation for the external repainting and repairing of the Pavilion has been received for 1,200.00. JB reported that, due to lack of quotations, the work had been postponed and this has resulted in further deterioration of the woodwork. Although a letter from a resident suggested volunteers could do the redecoration, it was felt the range of work needed professional expertise. HD recommended that the Parish Council empower the Playing Field Committee to proceed with the quotation received. This was unanimously agreed. Action: JB

JB reported an independent Trustee had been found to join the committee. The committee has agreed to advertise again for someone to form a football club. Action: JB

Neighbourhood Watch

FB reported the NHW is seeking 2 coordinators and 4 deputies. PCSO Alan Newman has been invited to attend the next meeting of the NHW group. The NHW Facebook page contains alerts from the police. FB has contacted the police requesting more information about the triathlons taking place.

14. Parish Matters

GG has been informed of parking problems in Vicarage Walk. It is understood that recently an ambulance was delayed because it could not access the property. Also parking on the footpath is not leaving sufficient room for wheelchair users and pushchair users. A notice to be placed in Life. Action: DP

GG reported problems with the footpath situated between Cage Lane and The Bridge near the new house being built. Report to Cambs CC. Action: DP

FB has been contacted by a resident with a view to re-forming Speed Watch in the village. Action: FB

HD declared an interest in the items to follow and left the meeting at 9.10pm. PW left the meeting at the same time.

RJ took the chair and invited comments about the planning application put forward by Anglian Water. WM expressed concern, in particular relating to lorry movements. He recommended that a letter be sent to Hunts DC requesting confirmation that no heavy vehicles involved with the work will pass through Great Staughton and that their only access will be via the A1. Agreed unanimously. Action: DP

WM left the meeting at 9.25pm following a declaration of interest in the next item. RJ explained that an objection had been received to the proposed new route for footpath 29, part of which passes through the Parish. However, the meeting felt that the proposal put forward to Cambs CC was actually the best solution and had been agreed at meetings previously. It was unanimously agreed to write to Lawrence Smith, the Footpath Officer at Cambs CC and state that Great Staughton PC support the realignment but recognise the situation as outlined in his letter to Perry Parish Council. It was therefore agreed that the letter be copied to the County Councillor to determine if any further compromise could be achieved with the County Council, Parish Councils, objectors and landowners to find an agreed solution. All correspondence to be copied to Perry PC. Action: RJ/DP

14. Date of meetings for 2014

17th July 4th September 6th November

RJ thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 9.35pm.


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