Life Minutes

Life Magazine Notes from the AGM Held on Friday 25th October 2013, in the White Hart, Great Staughton

Present: Bob Jewell (Chairman), Helen Glanville (Treasurer), Valerie Downs (Co-Editor), Rob Young (Co-Editor)

1. Accounts. The Treasurer produced the draft accounts for the year (2013), which showed an increase. We had not produced any colour editions this year, saving approx 250 per edition to the typical printing cost. The decision to change to A5 has also saved a considerable amount, roughly halving the previous cost. The Collection boxes now fund a whole edition. The adverts seem to have stabilised with the number of withdrawals slowing and new ads picking up. We have managed to run a 44 page magazine more often and that keeps the print costs stable. Both Parish Councils have donated to the magazine in 2013 and the Committee expressed their gratitude to them.

2. Bank Account. The money held in the Life Magazine account was 2,742, which was down on last year. We use an HSBC Community account with Bob Jewell, Helen Glanville and Geoff Gilbert as signatories.

3. Printing Costs. The reduction of the magazine to A5 size has saved the magazine, ensuring its financial future. This was effective from Feb 2013 edition. The new printers are easier to submit to and offer free delivery. Both editors said how much it had helped them!

4. Advertising Prices. The cost for a page will remain at 30 for a whole page. Covers to remain same also. The committee are grateful to those loyal advertisers for sticking with the Magazine.

5. Posting Magazines Out of Area. The cost of posting copies to out of area readers has been reduced to 12.00 with the smaller magazine reducing postage costs.

6. Magazine makeup. The new printers and the reduced size has meant there is little difference between 44 and 48 page editions. These printers also allow us to drop to smaller sizes or get much larger. It was decided to increase the colour content with a possible colour cover every month. Prices to be investigated.

7. Advertisers. The policy agreed last year, that advertisers who were slow to pay be invoiced twice and/or given two months grace with their advert, but then be removed from the Magazine, was reaffirmed.

8. Editors Payment. It was agreed to continue the Editors payment for both Rob and Valerie. The editors incur many costs, paying for printer ink and paper, and it was felt that even this token amount will help towards paying for some of it! Both Editors also kindly agreed to continue editing! The rest of the committee thanked them profusely!

9. Minutes to be Published. It was agreed to continue to publish these minutes on the Village website.

25th October 2013


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