Playing Field Minutes

Minutes of Great Staughton Playing Field Committee Meeting

held on 17th October, 2013


Janet Bowen (Chair) Geoff Gilbert Bob Jewell

Annis Ostler (Piglets) Mervyn Young Angela Young (School)

Dianne Palmer (Clerk)

1. Apologies: received from William Mumford and F Backhouse.

2. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on 27th June, 2013 were approved and duly signed.

3. Matters arising:

b/f – The new curtains to be fitted. Action: JB

b/f No Dogs signs to be installed. Action: JB/WM

b/f – risk assessment J Bowen to discuss with C Matthews during the next term. Action: JB

b/f the manhole cover near to the footpath has been inspected and is satisfactory. Action: WM

b/f a quotation has been received for a plaque to be placed on the new tree on the playing field to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. This will be taken to the Parish Council meeting for approval. Action: JB

b/f recruitment of new Trustees no response was received to notices placed in Life and on the notice boards in the village. J Bowen will approach 2 people suggested at the meeting. Action: JB

b/f a second quotation for redecorating the exterior of the Pavilion has not been forthcoming. J Bowen proposed that the Parish Council be approached for approval to continue with the company which had submitted a quotation if a second quotation cannot be found prior to the next Parish Council meeting in November. Action: JB

b/f J Bowen has received the Risk Assessment from Rounds for Grounds.

Item 9 a copy of the Fire Risk Assessment has been given to Piglets.

Item 9 Piglets have obtained a quotation for the inspection of electrics. G Gilbert will obtain a second quotation for the whole premises. Action: GG

Item 10 no response has been received to the adverts inviting people to form a football club. Hunts FA did not receive any enquiries either. J Bowen to approach the local radio and Hunts Post. Action: JB

Item 12 A Young has provided the meeting dates for the School Governors & PTA.

4. Treasurers report:

R Jewell circulated a report and mentioned that he anticipated the income would be reduced this year due to the closure of the Football Club and Tennis Club. Expenditure could be higher than income for the year.

Great Staughton Playing Field
Statement of Accounts as at 16 October 2013
Income Expenditure
Pre School 330.00 HDC rates 489.84
Parties meetings 79.00 Electricity 455.00
Football Club Cleaning materials
Interest 0.05 Waste collection 114.40
Parish Council Grant 500.00 Cleaning 225.00
Cricket Club 238.00 Anglian Water 70.52
Tennis club Fire inspection 91.94
Donation 503.00 Repairs
Safety signs
PTA fete 50.00 Secure seats 20.32
Horticultural scty
Excess of Expenditure Excess of Income over expdt 233.03
over income
Total 1,700.05 1,700.05
Balance Sheet as at 27/06/2013
Opening Balance at Bank 520.96 Debtors – pre school
Opening Cash 2.00 Closing Cash 2.00
Add Opening Debtors Payments in advance
Less Opening Creditors Excess of expenditure over income
Excess of inc. over expdt. 233.03 Closing Bank 753.98
755.99 755.98

5. Reports from Clubs & Users:


A Ostler reported that at a recent AGM they did not have enough volunteers to form a committee with sufficient numbers to meet their constitution. Piglets are now holding an EGM to try to remedy the situation otherwise the group will have to close. J Bowen will attend the meeting. There are 15 children on the register and it is anticipated that this number will increase as the year progresses.


R Jewell reported that the Cricket Club had a good team and finished second in the league. Members have recently been working on the pitch and they are looking forward to next season. An approach has been made by a Bedford team to use the facilities and negotiations are in progress. This would generate further income although may mean additional grass cutting. Action: RJ


A Young mentioned that the large gatepost for vehicular access to the playing field is unsteady. R Jewell has already spoken to H Glanville who will obtain a quotation for the work. It was suggested that perhaps a concrete post may be more suitable. Action: JB

Horticultural Society

No one present.

J Bowen mentioned that the Tennis Courts had been used for general play during the summer but she was not aware of any fees being collected. Following a discussion it was felt the Parish Council may have to take over responsibility for the Tennis Courts which could incur expenses and affect the insurance. J Bowen will bring the matter forward at the next Parish Council meeting and discuss with a Tennis Club representative. Action: JB

6. Grass Cutting

A letter has been received from Rounds for Grounds explaining Peter Round will be less involved with the manual work and this will be carried out by his son. R Jewell reported that generally the grass had been cut well and he had been very pleased with the way it had been maintained. It was agreed that a letter would be sent to Rounds for Grounds and to check the number of cuts during the year. Action: DP

7. Funding application for play equipment

J Bowen and R Jewell attended a funding fair and made some contacts to approach. An initial approach has been made to Ameyscape who will give up to 20,000 to successful applicants. J Bowen hopes to hear within the next 2 or 3 weeks whether to continue to the next stage of the application process. The total sum needed is 50,000.

J Bowen is still researching the Lottery Fund and also is working with a contact at WREN who is being very supportive.

R Jewell suggested that the Pavilion building actually needs updating, particularly the heating and insulation. He suggested BIFFA may help. A Ostler suggested a joint application could be submitted from Piglets and the Playing Field Committee. Action: JB/AO

8. Operational matters:


9. Correspondence

A letter has been received from Jonathan Djanogly regarding the Business Rate Relief. To be discussed at the Parish Council meeting. Action: RJ

10. Dates for 2014

The dates agreed were:

Thursday, 6th February Thursday, 24th April

Thursday, 26th June Thursday, 16th October

J Bowen thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.10pm

Date of next meeting Thursday, 6th February 2014.


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