Connecting Cambridgeshire

Hi everyone,

On Monday 16th September Connecting Cambridgeshire installed my area on its website, here :-

This provides both a map and details of the predicted timescale when each parish will receive Superfast Broadband. Following this link and selecting Great Staughton you will find that we are in the final phase from September to December 2015.

I have pressed Connecting Cambridgeshire for an explanation as to why a parish that came second in the registration league tables is in this final phase. Here is the response :-

Im sorry that it isnt the best news for Great Staughton at the moment in terms of timescale but as we discussed, the later phases are not yet fully planned and could be subject to changes as the project progresses.

As you might expect, the harder to reach areas or those with less certain planning are currently scheduled for the later phases as it makes sense to deal with the easiest and most certain areas first. Because the Kimbolton exchange is connected to the BT network in Bedfordshire it is difficult for BT to include it in earlier phases at this time because not all County projects are at the same stage. However, you can be assured that we will be working very closely with neighbouring projects to ensure that we can progress joint areas as quickly as we can.

So the previous informed speculation that Kimboltons Head End exchange is out of County has been officially confirmed. You can see here the state of play in Bedfordshire :- .

This is only a fraction of the ~46m invested in Cambridgeshire – 23m by CCC, 6.7m by BDUK & 16m by BT.

As frustrating as this is it should still be remembered that without Cambridgeshire County Councils initiative we might not have got SFBB for perhaps another 10 years or even not at all !

If you want to discuss any aspect of the above or would like more information then please let me know.

Best regards,


Tel; 01480 860762

I do understand that you feel that your fantastic registration efforts were in vain but the fact that Cambridgeshire as a whole achieved one of the highest levels of demand in the Country helped us achieve a better outcome for the whole County so you most definitely made a difference.


2 thoughts on “Connecting Cambridgeshire

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  2. Can you believe it, CC/BT have now changed their tune and say the Kimbolton exchange’s Head End is now Thrapston ?
    Watch this space for the next instalment

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