Village Hall Minutes May 2013

Minutes of the Gt Staughton Village Hall Committee meeting

held on 23rd May 2013


Present: Chair Merv Y, Helen G, Bob E, Bob E, David P, Tricia R, Liz W, Lesley S.

No Apols


 Previous Mins agreed & signed.


M.A: PAT test still to be carried out, kettle & fan. Multi craft? Get an electrical quote too.                                                               Action MY


Stagers are disbanding. Will be disposing & distributing of props & costumes. There has been interest in the stage. Chair would prefer to keep stage in hall. Could Stagers donate stage to hall?     

Would be handy if back cupboard was cleared before July/Aug show, so heavy tables could be stored there.                                           Action LS

Tables at Tavern just ask Caroline she will return them.


Treasurer’s Report: Sheets for Jan – Mar & Apr – Jun distributed.

 Bank balance £1,035.97.

 NB//Oil being guzzled, due to cold weather.

 Helen reported that Payroll is working well.


Bookings Rep: Dog training started. Dogs on mats.


O.M: Snooker table could this be turned around?  Re advertise it’s availability in Life mag.

WI reported the hall was warm for their meeting, thank you.


A.O.B. Horticultural society enquired about purchasing more tables.

It is hoped that the heavy big tables will be moved to back room for safer & easier assess, prior to their show.


HG reported that the annual risk assessment had been carried out.


Asset register: to be set up.                                           Action MY


A wall mounted baby changing table was discussed. Evaluating it’s viability.

Where to site this?: disabled toilet. ESPO cost £115


Date & time next meeting Thurs 18th July 2013 @ 8pm

Meeting closed at 8.48 pm














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