Playing Field Minutes February

Minutes of Great Staughton Playing Field Committee Meeting

held on 7th February, 2013


Geoff Gilbert (Chair) Bob Jewell Frank Backhouse

Mervyn Young Chris Bottomley Dianne Palmer (Clerk)

G Gilbert welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Chris Bottomley who was attending as a representative of the Tennis Club.

1. Apologies: received from Janet Bowen, Claire Matthews, Anna Merchant, James Turner, William Mumford and Justin Waldock.

2. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on 31st October, 2012 were approved and duly signed.

3. Matters arising:

b/f – The new curtains yet to be fitted. Action: JB

b/f No Dogs signs will be installed. Action: WM

b/f – risk assessment J Bowen to discuss with C Matthews. Action: JB

b/f agreement has been reached with the school and work to build a footpath within the school grounds will take place during half term.

4/ – the cleaners hours have been reduced and the heaters have been switched off in the changing rooms.

5/ – invite someone from the Horticultural Society to join the committee. Action: JB

6/ – agreement has been reached to plant the fruit trees on the playing field adjacent to the road.

8/ – the log for fire equipment is being maintained on a monthly basis.

8/ – manhole cover near to the footpath/tennis courts needs work. Action: WM

G Gilbert informed the meeting of points raised by J Bowen and a discussion followed about how to recruit new Trustees. It was felt that 2 new Trustees representing members of the pubic were needed. R Jewell suggested a notice be placed in Life and on the notice boards. Action: JB/DP

The Tree Warden had asked G Gilbert if a plaque could be placed on the new tree to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. All in agreement. Approach to be made to the Parish Council for pay for this. Action: GG

4. Treasurers report:

R Jewell said that there was 111.32 more expenditure than income. However, there are still some users accounts outstanding. Measures taken to reduce the electricity and cleaning bills have been successful and the grant from the Parish Council has been increased. Another letter has been sent to Hunts DC appealing against the increase in rates but a reply not yet received.

The report below was circulated by the Treasurer and discussed.

Income 2012     Expenditure 2012  
Pre School 695.00     HDC rates 476.32  
Parties meetings 50.00     Electricity 650.00  
Football Club       Cleaning materials 12.96  
Interest 0.04          
Parish Council Grant 784.33     Cleaning 525.00  
Cricket Club 84.00     Anglian Water 91.89  
Tennis club       Fire inspection 52.52  
        Repairs 50.00  
        safety signs    
PTA fete 50.00          
Horticultural scty 84.00          
Excess of Expenditure 111.32     Excess of Income over expdt    
over income            
Total 1,747.37       1,858.69  
Balance Sheet as at 8/7/2012          
Opening Balance at Bank   479.96   Debtors – pre school    
Opening Cash   2.00   Closing Cash   2.00
Add Opening Debtors       Uncleared cheques    
Less Opening Creditors       Excess of expenditure over income   111.32
Excess of inc. over expdt.       Closing Bank   368.64
    481.96       481.96

5. Reports from Clubs & Users:

Football no representative present. F Backhouse mentioned that a number of people said in the village plan that they wanted to play football. G Gilbert will speak to J Turner to see whether he has any suggestions of how to reinstate the football. Action: GG

Tennis C Bottomley mentioned that Justin Waldock, who was the Chairman of the Tennis Club, has moved out of the village. Membership is declining which meant that very few competitions could be played although they hope to stay in the mens tennis league. The current members would like to keep the club going so that they can offer coaching for children and they would like to make the courts available for everyone to play. Tennis Club members will be covered by their insurance and Clerk to check whether Playing Field insurance will cover the general public. RJ suggested that this could be advertised on the village website and notice boards once it has been agreed.

Piglets no representative present.

Cricket – R Jewell mentioned that the Cricket Club AGM will take place next week with the first game in April.

School & Pre-school no representative present.

6. Funding application for play equipment

Funding applications have been submitted but no replies received to date.

7. Operational matters:

R Jewell reported that James, the new cleaner, is keeping everything in good order.

8. Correspondence:

Received –

The PTA wishes to hold a circus on the playing field. G Gilbert asked whether there were any objections none. RJ asked about for the date to ensure it does not clash with any other bookings.

10. Any other business

An attendance record was circulated for information.

Name 13-Oct 02-Feb 05-Apr 12-Jul 31-Oct
Bowen, J y apology y y y
Gilbert, G y y y y y
Jenkins, M n/a n/a n/a y y
Jewell, R y y y y y
Matthews, C apology apology apology apology apology
Merchant, A y y apology y apology
Mumford, W y y y apology y
Turner, J y y apology apology apology
Waldock, J y apology y apology apology
Whalley, L y apology y n/a n/a
Young, M y y y y y

G Gilbert thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 8.40pm.

Dates for 2013:

Thursday, 11th April Thursday, 27th June Thursday, 17th October


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