Playing Field Minutes

Minutes of Great Staughton Playing Field Committee Meeting

held on 11th April, 2013


Janet Bowen (Chair) Frank Backhouse Geoff Gilbert

Bob Jewell William Mumford Dianne Palmer (Clerk)

1. Apologies: received from Chris Bottomley, Bob Eaton, Claire Matthews, James Turner, and Mervyn Young.

2. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on 7th February 2013 were approved and duly signed.

3. Matters arising:

b/f – The new curtains to be fitted. Action: JB

b/f No Dogs signs to be installed. Action: WM

b/f – risk assessment J Bowen to discuss with C Matthews. Action: JB

b/f the footpath within the school grounds is in place.

b/f Bob Eaton will represent the Horticultural Society on the committee.

b/f surround to the manhole cover near to the footpath to levelled. Action: WM

Approach to be made to the Parish Council to pay for a plaque to be placed on the new tree on the playing field to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Action: JB

b/f recruitment of new Trustees was raised at the Parish Council meeting. It was felt that 2 new Trustees representing members of the pubic were needed. Notice to be placed in Life and on the notice boards. It would ideally be someone who lives in the village. Action: JB/DP

Item 8 date for the PTA proposed Circus not yet confirmed. Action: JB

4. Treasurers report:

R Jewell reported:

Income – Pre-school paid more, parties meetings down, football club no income at all, Parish Council grant increased and tennis club fees increased.

Expenditure rates more than doubled, electricity smaller, cleaning materials fluctuates, cleaning reduced following the decision to reduce the hours, Anglian Water significantly reduced, repairs lower. This left 41.00 more income than expenditure. Still in a difficult situation. A discussion followed about a new football club and how it would make a significant difference to the income but also would be good for the village JB has spoken to the school who run an after school club but they do not appear to want to widen this. It was requested that an agenda item for the next meeting should be How to establish a new football club. Action: JB/DP

In the meantime J Bowen will contact Lee Clark at Agden Hill Farm. R Jewell suggested making an introductory offer if a new club can be established to help with the initial stages. Agreed by all present. Action: JB

The report below was circulated by the Treasurer and discussed.

Great Staughton Playing Field          
Statement of Accounts for year ended March 31 2013      
Income 2012 2013   Expenditure 2012 2013
Pre School 748.00 970.00   HDC rates 225.16 476.32
Parties meetings 135.00 50.00   Electricity 670.78 780.00
Football Club 260.00     Cleaning materials 93.44 12.96
Interest 0.06 0.04        
Parish Council Grant 500.00 784.33   Cleaning 739.00 585.00
Cricket Club 208.00 84.00   Anglian Water 339.66 124.57
Tennis club 75.00 100.00   Fire inspection 88.61 52.52
        Repairs 239.04 50.00
        Safety signs 54.78  
PTA fete   50.00        
Horticultural scty 72.00 84.00        
Excess of Expenditure 452.41     Excess of Income over expdt   41.00
over income            
Total 1,998.06 2,122.37     2,450.47 2,122.37
Balance Sheet as at 31/3/2013          
Opening Balance at Bank   479.96   Debtors – pre school    
Opening Cash   2.00   Closing Cash   2.00
Add Opening Debtors       Payments in advance    
Less Opening Creditors       Excess of expenditure over income
Excess of inc. over expdt.   41.00   Closing Bank   520.96
    522.96       522.96
Auditor’s Report            
I have examined the attached accounts for the period ending 31st March 2013    
In my opinion the accounts are in agreement with the information recorded in the books    
and records and with the information and explanations provided to me.    

5. Reports from Clubs & Users:

Cricket – R Jewell mentioned that the first home game will take place in May and the members are already holding net practice.

Tennis C Bottomley is still hoping to open the courts to the general public. J Bowen will inform him of the discussion held with the Parish Councils insurance company on this matter. Action: JB

School & Pre-school a written report from Claire Matthews was relayed to the meeting. Support was offered from the school although Claire confirmed that she is unable to be a Trustee. A query from a parent of a child attending Spice childcare asking whether a light could be placed where the playing field meets the car park as it is quite dark in the winter months. However, it was understood that the school had already decided to reduce the time that their light was in use in order to deter use of the car parking area by people not connected to the school. The school have ordered some large sunflower chalkboards to be attached to the fence from the school side to screen children playing from outside view.

Piglets no representative present.

6. Funding application for play equipment

Funding applications recently submitted have not resulted in any awards being made. J Bowen thought that this may be due to the time in the financial year when the submissions were made. J Bowen will submit new applications. F Backhouse will give J Bowen a copy of the Big Lottery application submitted for the village plan. Action: JB/FB

R Jewell pointed out that the original build of the Pavilion was supported by the Big Lottery.

7. Operational matters:

J Bowen recommended that the exterior of the Pavilion be redecorated before next winter. Following discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council would be asked for a contribution. Quotations to be sought from Bob Palmer and Ian Williamson. Action: JB

8. Correspondence:

Received –

Fields in Trust are offering support for an event on village fields. An application has been submitted for the support and goodie box for Gala Day.

10. Any other business

G Gilbert reported that he had been informed that one or two vehicles are using the school car park in the middle of the night. Although this does not appear to have resulted in any damage or theft it was agreed that the school and the police should be informed. Action: JB/FB

G Gilbert was also aware that there had been children on the school roof.

F Backhouse asked whether another representative attend the meetings from the school as the Playing Field Committee and the Parish Council are keen to support the school. D Palmer to send a letter following up the offer of support made previously to the school. Action: JB/DP

J Bowen said that the Risk Assessment paperwork is due to be re-signed. JB to contact Helen Glanville to discuss. A copy of the Rounds for Grounds risk assessment needed to complete the paperwork. Action: JB/DP

J Bowen thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 9.00pm.

Dates for 2013:

Thursday, 27th June Thursday, 17th October


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