Were you at Great Staughton School in 1961 or know someone who was?

School are trying to identify as many of the people in the attached photo, which we believe was taken about 1961. If you recognize yourself, or anyone else, can you please add a comment, giving your name and position please ? Use the front row as row one, the back row as row four, and give positions from the left please ?

Information so far

  One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight
Row Four (back) ? ? Martin
? ? Toby
Row Three ? ? ? ? Christine
(nee Burton)
? ? Jenny


Row Two Laura
? ? Elaine
Mrs Roberts Wendy
(nee Smith)
? ? Judith
Row One (front) ? ? Andrew
(nee Wilmer)

school 1958


19 thoughts on “Were you at Great Staughton School in 1961 or know someone who was?

  1. I donot believe it was taken as late as 1958. It was the early 60’s. The teacher Mrs Roberts took the second infant class. Mrs Pratt was our first teacher. Christine Myles (nee Burton)and Rebecca Willmer are definately there.They are about 58 now.
    Row 1 7th along is Beverly Askew. Next to her is Robert Tall. My brother David will have identifyed the others we know. Regards Linda.

    • Hi Linda,

      Many thanks for your two comments. So the teacher is definitely Mrs Hand and not Miss Roberts then ?
      You say Robert Tall is next to Beverly Askew but which side, position 6 or 8 please ?

      Kind regards,
      Roger Harding

  2. Just found some old school photos and remembered that Mrs Hands was the teacher inbetween. I still think that 1958 is a bit early though. I started school 1964 and have a photo of myself in Mrs Robert’s class at the new school. Regards Linda
    Row 4 5th along is Toby Hewlett

  3. David Hoenig has identified the following, apologies for any spelling mistakes :-
    Row One: Pos. 2 – Andrew Prince, Pos. 3 – Rebecca Wilmer
    Row Two: Pos. 4 – Miss Roberts, Pos. 6 – Judy Hopkins
    Row Three: Pos. 3 – Christine Myles (nee Burton), Pos. 5 – Jenny Ziemelis
    Thanks David,
    Roger Harding

  4. Sorry for the confusion, i was trying to date the photo the teacher is Mrs Roberts. Moving from left to right Robert Tall is child no 8.
    Toby Hewlett is Row 4 5th along. Elaine Rowles Smith is is row 2 child 3.

  5. Yes I agree, the date of the photo would be 1961 or later. Front row third along left to right is me, Rebecca Willmer and fifth along front row is Jane Stroud, and next to her on her left is Philip Handley, then Beverley Askew and finally on the front row child number eight from left to right is Robert Tawell I think that might be the correct spelling for his surname but I am not sure. Incidentally, the photographer should be shot for making us all make such cheesey grins!!!!!

  6. Does anyone think that row 2 child 5 is Timmy Hitchin and row 4 child 2 one of the Fitzpatricks Cyril ?? Hello Rebecca i agree about the grins!

  7. Hi Jackie,
    Many thanks for your input.

    To both you and Linda,
    I won’t “ink” the names in until we hopefully get confirmation on Timmy Hitchin and Martin or Jim Fitzpatrick.

    Has anyone got any suggestions as to who else I could contact please ?

  8. Hi just seen the picture and it is me on the end of front row Robert Tawell, now living in Ipswich General Manager at Rushmere Golf Club. Yes we would all be around 58! Where are these people now?

  9. The people in this photo were from two school years and were presumably born some time between September 1955 and August 1957. I would guess it was taken in 1965 or 1966.
    I remember all the faces, but not all the names. A few of the names and spellings i’ve written below may be incorrect.

    Row 4: ??, Martin Fitzpatrick, ??, Graham Peck, Richard Jaykins.
    Row 3: Carol ?, Andrew Rolands, Christine Burton, Jenny Ziemelis, ??.
    Row 2; Laura Crouch, Nicholas Carter, Elaine Smith, Mrs Roberts, ??, Christopher Barlow, Judith Hopkins.
    Row 1: ??, Andrew Prince, Rebecca Wilmer, Gareth Wyatt, Jane Stroud, Colin Handley, Beverley ?, Robert Tawell.

    Greetings to my ex-classmates if any of you happen to see this. I now live in Tokyo and haven’t visited the UK for 20 years.


    Chris Barlow

  10. Hi

    I was not in that year, but I definitely remember the faces and agree with what has been put forward so far withe regards to names and the year of the photo shoot. I was 9 when I left there, so that was 1967 , and I suspect this was taken a couple of years just before I left to go to another school so possibly c1965. . My brother Ian Dodd would have been in the year ahead, and I was in the year below. the one shown. Great to see all those faces again!

    Jane Dodd

    • A name from the past. Hope you are keeping well. Often wonder what happened to everyone.
      Hugh Williams

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