Village Hall minutes March

Minutes of the Gt Staughton Village Hall Committee meeting held on 21st Mar 2013


Present: Merv Young (chair), Helen Glanville, David Palmer, Bob Jewell, Trish Richards

Apols:   Lesley Spafford, Vicky Goldsmith

Previous mins agreed & signed.


Quiz moved as clashed with Cricket club quiz, will get new date, WI will donate prize.                                                                                                                            Action GG

PAT testing still required but for 1 kettle isn’t worth callout charge. David to approach friend who did Friendship club items.  If not, will but new kettle!                    Action HG

Still no response from Stagers. GG and MY to visit Giles                                 Action GG and MY to speak to GB

Tavern has spare tables but they are earning money.  Caroline to be asked if smaller tables can be left in Village Hall.                                                                              Action HG

Cricket Club had great time at Quiz and raised £190 – well done!


Treasurer’s Report: Accounts sheets distributed. Balance of £1294.40.

Kathy Wilson just finished books – all ok!


Bookings Report

New club on Thursday mornings – dog training!

Discussion re advertising more.  We are in Halls for Hire with ACRE.  School? Only for parties!



Outside light broken, will leave for moment due to costs.

WI were cold, once had run out of oil, other time just cold.  Timer checked and comes on at 6 on Tuesdays for WI at 7.30 should be ok.  Exceptional weather? And will bleed radiators.        

                                                                                                                   Action HG

WI has made donation to Hall in lieu of fee to speaker – thank you!

Thank you to Vicky for her help at Cricket Club quiz, greatly appreciated!



Asset register to be set up

HG advised she has employed Cambs ACRE to manage Payroll now that HMRC requires monthly returns and NI contributions.  £100 fine is miss one!  Committee agreed to £5 a month cost.

Meeting closed at 8.45pm.

Next meeting THURS 23rd MAY 2013 @ 8 PM.


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