Neighbourhood Watch



Representatives of Great Staughton Neighbourhood Watch attended the Police Neighbourhood Watch Forum at Police headquarters on 11 June 2014.

With crime levels down and detection rates up, Police focus is moving away from just improving statistics towards keeping people safe in their communities. They intend to achieve this by:

  • Responding to Local Concerns; understanding our communities and managing the risks within them.
  • Investigating Crime and Protecting the Most Vulnerable. Protecting those who will be hurt, or hurt again, if they don’t take action.
  • Targeting offenders who cause most harm to our towns and villages.
  • Improving Staff Professionalism. Supporting, developing and rewarding those who deliver the Policing Priorities; and thus
  • Keeping People Safe in their Communities. Police reported that Operation Baron had been put in place across the County to counter the increase in telephone scams in our area. Scams are taking place, whereby fraudsters telephone victims pretending to be someone from their bank, or the Police. A range of tactics are used to dupe victims in to disclosing bank card and PIN details, handing over cards and PIN details to couriers or withdrawing money and sending it via courier to addresses usually in London.
  • Independent living but vulnerable elderly people are mainly being targeted.
  • Scams are being carried out by organised gangs mainly from North London – NO VIOLENCE IS BEING USED.
  • Scams are concentrated in Huntingdonshire and South Cambridgeshire, where there is an easy route to London on the A1/A14.
  • Currently about 15 attempted scams a day are taking place in our area.
  • On average, 2 successful crimes are committed each week, with between £2,000 and £7,000 being handed over by vulnerable victims. VOLUNTEERSREAD MORE ABOUT GREAT STAUGHTON NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH
  • See our monthly Newsletters through your door, at the Surgery and on Village notice boards; Life Magazine; the Parish website; and our Facebook page “Great Staughton Neighbourhood Watch”.
  • We are still looking for volunteers for Deputies for half of the Parish. If you would like to be involved, or would like more information, please speak to one of the Neighbourhood Watch Steering Group: Caroline Taylor, 01480 869365; Mike Keeble, 01480 860855; John Wakefield, 01480 860314; or Frank Backhouse, 01480 861167; or by email via 



One thought on “Neighbourhood Watch

  1. Hi Frank & team,

    Here are couple of off the cuff initial thoughts following your request for feedback.

    The attraction of Great Staughton has also created some of its downfalls. Because the young families that moved here between 30 & 40 years have not moved on there has been insufficient new blood to keep some things alive. The demise of the Community Association was one of these. I think resurrecting it would be a good idea but personally I think it should be kept separate from Neighbourhood Watch for fear of diluting its prime objective.

    I realise that the “new” Neighbourhood Watch is still in its infancy but, as far as Moory Croft Close is concerned, at the moment it is a backward step. The “old” Neighbourhood Watch, under the watchful eyes of Mike & Shirley Mockford, has been very active for the last 22 years. Notes were put through the door within hours of events occurring. For untoward happenings in adjacent villages Mike or Shirley would knock on the door and warn of the possibility that the culprits could be coming our way. So something needs to be done to get information to residents more quickly, although the newsletters are fine for recording what’s happened in the previous month.

    Best regards,

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