Village Hall September Minutes

Minutes of the Village Hall Committee meeting held on

13th Sept 2012

Present: Mervyn Young, Bob Eaton, David Palmer, Trish Richards,

            Jean Philpott, Geoff Gilbert, Bob Jewell, Helen Glanville,

             Lesley Spafford.

Apols: None received.


Matters Arising: Quiz shall we have one?

Door new outside light, no further action required.


Treasurer’s Report: Account spread sheets circulated.

Bank Balance: £1,609.96

Friendship Club grant has been cut by half, subsequently they have had to raise their prices to £10. This includes a hot meal, games and a social time. The group hope to encourage more people to join and to fund raise, to help keep this valuable club running. Please spread the word in the local community if you know anyone who maybe eligible to attend.

   Did the church borrow some chairs & tables?


Bookings report: Another booking was lost due to the noise limiter. Although the levels are plenty high enough, since level and frequency have been retuned. Note in Life mag may help put people’s minds at rest over this issue, need more revenue!

Eagle magazine club have regular bookings.


O.M: Need a drinking water label and PAT testing.                   Action HG

Cleaning order required                                                     Action VG & HG


A.O.B: Friendship Club require more cupboard space. One more would be sufficient. (This was resolved after the meeting adjourned)

 Stagers? Write to Giles and Gill. Can Stagers reduce amount stored? LS

Quiz Night with raffle. Paul Scotney to be asked.  Nov 10th or 17th.    

                                                                                                   Action GG

Jean is standing down as rep for Badminton Club to be preceded by Steven Prince. We wish her well.

Bob E thanked Vicki & Pete for setting up hall for the Horticultural Show, which was very successful.


 NB//    Next meeting Thurs 1st Nov @ 8pm  ( change of date)






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