Playing Field Committtee February

Minutes of Great Staughton Playing Field Committee Meeting

held on 2nd February 2012



Geoff Gilbert (Chair)                               Bob Jewell                                 Anna Merchant

William Mumford                                    James Turner                            Mervyn Young

Dianne Palmer (Clerk)



1.   Apologies: received from Janet Bowen, Justin Waldock, Louise Whalley and Claire Matthews



  1. Approval of Minutes

There is an error in the final figure on the accounts included in the minutes of the meeting held on 13th October, 2011.   The total on the balance sheet should be £934.37.   Once this was noted the minutes were approved and duly signed.



  1. Matters arising:

3/7b –the lid for the bin has been ordered.

3 – The new curtains are being made and fireproofing is being investigated.                                    Action: JB

3/8 – No Dogs signs – will be installed.                                                                                         Action: WM

3/9 – risk assessment – J Bowen will discuss with C Matthews.                                                       Action: JB

With regard to risk assessment, W Mumford pointed out that the trees on the playing field should be above a height that children can climb.   He has cut the hedge and trimmed some of the lower branches without damaging the trees.   W Mumford mentioned that there are 3 Cherry trees which are too close together and asked permission to remove a tree that is not healthy.   Approved unanimously.                                                                                                                 Action: WM

R Jewell thanked W Mumford for rodding the drain and changing the manhole cover.   J Turner said that there is still a problem with the drain in the men’s shower room.   R Jewell mentioned that the recent invoice from Anglian Water had been exceptionally large and J Turner thought that one of the showers was staying on.   D Palmer to email users to ask that they ensure the showers are off when leaving the premises.   R Jewell will check.                            Action: RJ/DP

3/10 – Minutes are now on website



  1. Treasurers report:

A report was circulated by the Treasurer and discussed.   Please see below:

Great Staughton Playing Field              
Statement of Accounts for year up to Feb  2012            






PreSchool    £  516.00     HDC rates    £  225.16  
Parties meetings    £ 105.00     Electricity    £  488.01  
Football Club         Cleaning materials    £    93.44  
Interest    £    0.06     Decorating      
Parish Council Grant    £ 500.00     Cleaning    £  589.00  
Cricket Club    £ 208.00     Anglian Water    £  308.97  
Tennis club    £   75.00     Fire inspection    £    88.61  
Football Kids         Repairs    £  110.10  
PTA fete         Safety signs    £    54.78  
Horticultural scty    £   72.00            
Excess of Expt over income    £ 482.01            




Balance Sheet as at 10/10/2011              
Opening Balance at Bank     £116.37   Debtors      
Opening Cash     £262.00   Closing Cash     £  2.00
Add Opening Debtors     £556.00   Payments in advance      
Less Opening Creditors         Excess of expenditure over income   £482.01
Excess of inc. over expdt.         Closing Bank     £450.36
          less creditors      
      £934.37         £934.37


R Jewell said that expenditure was higher than income but some users had not yet paid for the current year.  

W Mumford proposed that the fee to the Tennis Club be increased.   Following discussion a vote was taken with 3 members for, 2 against and 1 abstention.   The Tennis Club fee will be increased to £100.   W Mumford asked the Treasurer to prepare a list of charges for the next meeting, to be kept in the minute book.                      Action: RJ



  1. Reports from Clubs & Users:

Football – J Turner reported that things are good.

Pre-school & Piglets – A Merchant said their area had been tidied and redecorated which had made the room feel more spacious.

Cricket – R Jewell said the AGM had recently taken place with a new Chairman and Secretary.   There will be approx 8 home matches during the year and practice is taking place in the nets.

Tennis – J Waldock sent a note saying that the resurfacing will take place soon.   Care will be taken not to damage any other facilities.

School – A Merchant reported on behalf of L Whalley expressing concern regarding the school children crossing the main road if the crossing lady retires.   It is understood that the County Council will not fund a replacement but they would be willing to continue providing insurance cover.   A Merchant said that the feeling was that this is more urgent than the 20mph change to the speed limit near the school.    W Mumford asked about rate of pay and suggested that this situation needs to be reported back to the Parish Council.   D Palmer to check how much the County Council would require from the Parish Council to cover the costs.                                                                                                                                    Action: DP



  1. Grass Cutting

G Gilbert read out the quotations received and, following discussion, it was agreed unanimously to ask Peter Round to continue with the grass cutting for the next 2 years in line with his offer.   R Jewell will provide the cricket club fixture dates.                                                                                                                                        Action: RJ/DP



  1. Funding application for play equipment

G Gilbert read out a report from J Bowen stating that the survey has been completed by Piglets and the school.   The next stage will be to liaise with Cambs ACRE for advice on planning, obtain quotations and look at funding options.   M Young said that he understood that it would be a major refurbishment and that funding is available to meet 90% of the costs leaving 10% to be paid for by the Parish Council.



  1. Queen Elizabeth II playing fields challenge

The Fields in Trust paperwork is in the process of being signed and returned.   This will protect the Playing Field for future use by villagers.



  1. Operational matters:

R Jewell has been asked how much should be charged for a new children’s football group to use the facilities on a Saturday morning twice a month from September to April and to train 1 evening a week.   M Young proposed that a fee of £100 for the first season and this be reviewed next year.   Agreed unanimously.



  1. Correspondence:

2 letters have been received from potential suppliers and these have been filed.



10. Any other business

M Young asked whether solar panels would benefit the Pavilion but A Merchant said they would need to be south facing and be in the shade for no more than 10% of daylight hours.


The meeting closed at 9.00pm



Dates for 2012:

Thursday, 5th April

Thursday, 12th July

Thursday, 11th October


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