Playing Field Committee July

Minutes of Great Staughton Playing Field Committee Meeting

held on 12th July 2012



Janet Bowen (Chair)                               Geoff Gilbert                              Bob Jewell

Anna Merchant                                       Mervyn Young                            Dianne Palmer (Clerk)



1.   Apologies: received from William Mumford, Justin Waldock and James Turner.


2.   Annual Reports

Chair – J Bowen thanked everyone who worked hard and ask for a particular mention to be made to the committee members, also to John Harrison, David Hoenig and Vicky Goldsmith for their support.   Thanks too were offered to R Jewell for acting as Treasurer.


Treasurer – R Jewell said that the final accounts for the year ended 31st March 2012 had now been audited.   Income received was £1,998.06, with expenditure of £2,450.47 leaving a shortfall of £452.41 and a carried forward sum of £479.96 in the bank and cash of £2.00.



3.   Election of Chairperson 2012 – 2013

R Jewell proposed J Bowen, seconded by G Gilbert and carried unanimously.



  1. Election of Vice-chair for 2012 – 2-13

R Jewell proposed G Gilbert, seconded by M Young and carried unanimously.



  1. Election of Treasurer for 2012 – 2013

M Young proposed R Jewell, seconded by J Bowen and carried unanimously.



  1. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on 5th April 2012 were approved and duly signed.



  1. Matters arising:

b/f – the lid for the bin has been fitted

b/f – The new curtains are ready to be fitted.                                                                                Action: JB

b/f – No Dogs signs – will be installed.                                                                                          Action: WM

b/f – risk assessment – J Bowen will discuss with C Matthews.                                                        Action: JB

b/f – with regard to the trees on the playing field J Bowen said that for the current ROSPA report did not raise as a risk.

4. – R Jewel has increased the rental fees as requested.

4. – The grant from the Parish Council has been increased to £1,000.00.

5.J Bowen will ask Michael Howe, the school caretaker to look at the windows.                             Action JB

6. – The Funding application has been returned to ACRE for discussion.                                          Action: JB

8. – The downpipe was fixed by R Jewell but has separated again.   J Bowen will ask Michael Howe.

                                                                                                                                                Action: JB

  1. – The Leylandii at the rear of the Pavilion has been cleared but there is still some on the far side of the fence.

M Young made the point that as the fence belongs to the neighbouring property we can only monitor the situation.

J Bowen mentioned that the Fields in Trust Plaque had been dedicated on Gala Day by Hugh Duberly.



  1. Treasurers report:

A report was circulated by the Treasurer and discussed.   Please see below:

Gt Staughton Playing Field      Statement of Accounts for Period ending July 8th 2012






PreSchool  £ 320.00     HDC rates  £ 238.32  
Parties meetings       Electricity  £ 195.00  
Football Club       Cleaning materials    
Interest  £0.01          
Parish Council Grant  £ 784.33     Cleaning  £ 180.00  
Cricket Club       Anglian Water  £ 27.43  
Tennis club       Fire inspection    
PTA fete       safety signs    
Horticultural scty            
Excess of Expenditure       Excess of Income over expdt


over income            




Balance Sheet as at 8/7/2012            
Opening Balance at Bank    £ 479.96   Debtors – pre school    
Opening Cash    £ 2.00   Closing Cash    £ 2.00
Add Opening Debtors       Uncleared cheques    £ 238.32
Less Opening Creditors       Excess of expenditure over income    
Excess of inc. over expdt.  


  Closing Bank    £ 1,181.87
     £ 945.55        £ 945.55

R Jewell said that Hunts District Council have written to the effect that they will be increasing the rates to approx £470.00 as compared with £225.16 for the last financial year.   R Jewell has appealed and is waiting to hear from them.



  1. Reports from Clubs & Users:

Football – no representative present.

School, Pre-school & Piglets – A Merchant reported a problem with ants.   Some attempts have been made to deal with this without success.                                                                                                                         Action: JB

Cricket – R Jewell mentioned that the Cricket Club refreshments had disappeared after Gala Day.   It has been too wet to play recently.

R Jewell and A Merchant asked whether the Pavilion is being cleaned on a regular basis as Piglets have found it in poor condition when arriving on a Monday morning.   The cleaning contract states the Pavilion should be cleaned once a week but is not specific as to when this should take place.                                                                                    Action: JB/RJ

Tennis – J Waldock e-mailed that there was nothing to report.



  1. Operational matters:

J Bowen reported that the door to the outside needs some remedial work.                          Action: JB

It has been suggested that the paths to the doors need improving.   Following discussion, it was felt that there is not a problem and there are insufficient funds available at present.

J Bowen said that the door to the right of the main entrance is beginning to rot and it will need to be monitored.   The windows need preservative treatment and the Clerk asked if the 2 village notice boards could be done at the same time.                                                                                                                                              Action: JB

Piglets have a whiteboard and have asked if they can have it fitted on the wall to have displays during term time.   Agreed.   It was suggested that they should be made aware when the room is booked as we are unable to guarantee the security of any item or information on the board.                                                                                                Action: RJ



  1. Correspondence:


Fields in Trust asked for more information about the users of the field.                                           Action: JB

RoSPA report had been received and it contained a special commendation for the cricket square.   The Playing Field is always classed as a high risk area because of the skate board ramp but this is actually under the jurisdiction of Hunts DC.   The report contains a few minor requests.                                                                                        Action: JB



10. Any other business

J Bowen thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 8.45pm



Dates for 2012:

Thursday, 11th October


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