Great Staughton Parish Council Annual General Meeting 2012

Minutes of the Great Staughton Parish Council Annual General Meeting

held on 17th May 2012 in the Village Hall


H Duberly (HD) (Chair)                  J Bowen (JB)                                R Jewell (RJ)

W Mumford (WM)                        P Willmer (PW)                            A Withers (AW)

M Young (MY)                              D Palmer (DP) (Clerk)

Also in attendance:                       District Councillor Jonathan Gray (JG) from 8.20pm onwards

Mr Sandy McNaughton (SMc)

a)      Residents’ Forum

No items raised.

1.   Apologies

Apologies were received from: G Gilbert (GG) and J Hitchin (JH).

2.   Election of Officers & Sub-committees:

The following posts were elected:

Chair – H Duberly, proposed by P Willmer, seconded by R Jewell

Vice Chair – R Jewell, proposed by H Duberly, seconded by P Willmer

Parish Charities – G Gilbert & A Withers, proposed by P Willmer, seconded by W Mumford

Planning – all Councillors

Playing Field Committee – J Bowen, G Gilbert, J Hitchin, R Jewell, W Mumford & M Young,

proposed by A Withers, seconded by P Willmer

Village Hall – M Young, R Jewell & G Gilbert, proposed by A Withers, seconded

by W Mumford

Life magazine – R Jewell, proposed by W Mumford, seconded by J Bowen

Footpaths – A Withers & R Jewell, proposed by P Willmer, seconded by W Mumford

Finance Officer – R Jewell, proposed by J Bowen, seconded by A Withers

West Hunts Friendship Club – P Willmer proposed by H Duberly, seconded by J Bowen

Highway Warden & Speed Watch – 2 parishioners will be approached               Action: HD

All nominations were carried unanimously.


3.   Minutes of Meeting held on 8th March 2012 were agreed as a true record and signed.

4.   Matters Arising

3.3)      Land Registry – Deeds found for the village hall, c/f                                    Action: HD/DP

3.3)      Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge – the final paperwork has been signed and returned.

3.3)      O’Dell’s garage site new properties – developer agreed to deliver 1 affordable house.

3.3)      The enforcement officer is aware of the unauthorised development on the approach to Hail

Weston and, together with Hail Weston Parish Council, are trying to resolve the problem.

3.3)      Footpath 29: still under consideration.   Carry forward to next meeting.       Action: DP

7)         Trees in Manor Close.                                                                             Action: HD

5.   Parish Assembly

Broadband – HD reminded Councillors that Cambs County Council have requested that people register their demand for faster Broadband.   It was agreed to put an item in Life magazine to encourage villagers to join the campaign by completing the form on the Broadband Demand Register at                                                              Action: DP

Village Plan – the affordable housing project and combined village hall and medical centre project are still awaiting a further meeting with Hunts District Council officers.                      Action: AW/MY

Speeding – initially funding had been applied for to reduce the speeding outside the school.   However, a letter received from the school governors and Head Teacher indicated that they felt the priority was to enable children to cross the B645 safely.  A letter has also been received from Mrs Ellis expressing her concern at the speed of traffic along The Highway.   Various options were discussed and it was felt that the traffic was slowed down to some extent by the cars parked on The Highway.   However, this is not the case on Green Lane.   WM suggested that the traffic department be contacted to ask for figures from the recent speed camera vans and whether this resulted in any prosecutions.                                                                                                                       Action: DP

One option may be to look at calming measures to enable safer access to the playing field.   Clerk to contact the Highways Department to check whether a traffic island could be built to make crossing easier to the playing field.   It was felt that, taking the verge into consideration, there would still be sufficient room for the larger vehicles to pass through.                                      Action: DP

6.   Attendance at other meetings


7.   Planning Applications from 8th March.

1200256LBC – 23 The Highway                            – Work on a Listed building                      – agreed

1200191OUT – Rear of 59/61 The Highway           – Erection of a dwelling                           – agreed

1200528LBC} – 7 The Town

1200534FUL} – 7 The Town                                – Work on a Listed building                      – agreed

JB had been asked by several parishioners about the planning permission at Blades.   It is understood that if motorbikes are being sold, then a new planning permission needs to be submitted.

8.   Highways

b/f – The former access to O’Dells garage – DP has spoken to Cambs CC to ask for the yellow lines and parking restrictions to be removed so that additional parking is provided on The Highway.   The cost would be approximately £3,000 as a legal Traffic Regulation Order would need to be implemented.   No funding available for this at present.

b/f – Perry Road condition – work in progress, road closed.

b/f – poor road surface between Great Staughton and Hail Weston – some work has taken place.

b/f – the pavement adjacent to the parking at the new properties on O’Dells garage site – done.

b/f – situation is regarding snow clearing.   Clerk to ask PD to check the situation.    Action: PD

HD informed the meeting that there are plans to create an emergency reservoir near to the prison at Perry.   The Clerk will write to Anglian Water to point out that heavy works traffic should not use Cage Lane and Dillington which are not suitable to access the site.   Copy correspondence to Cambs CC, Hunts DC, P Downes & J Gray.                                                                            Action: HD/DP

9.   Correspondence

Hunts DC – the textile recycling bin is not being used sufficiently.   It may be removed.

Jenny O’Dell – the village notice boards are being used by businesses for advertising.   Clerk to place notices on the boards to inform people that they are community notice boards and to remove business advertisements.                                                                                                         Action: DP

Hunts DC – Neighbourhood Forums are being reviewed, and feedback is being invited. JG said that this is in response to comments that the Forum needed to be more localised.        Action: AW

Hunts DC – invitation to the briefing on street lighting on 11th June.   Clerk to contact Peter Downes to find out more information.                                                                                    Action: DP/PD

St Andrews Church – request for a contribution to the upkeep of the churchyard and cemeteries.   RJ proposed a grant of £400, seconded by A Withers.

A parishioner has mentioned concerns about vehicles parking on grass verges causing damage.   Clerk to contact landlord.                                                                                         Action: DP

10.  Cheques in and out since January 2012


Hunts DC – precept       £6,000.00


SuffolkACRE                  £214.00

Hunts CAB                      £100.00

Impact                           £967.14

Village Handyman           £223.00

CAPALC                         £282.01

Clerk                             £361.40

Peter Round                   £117.60

Petty cash                        £58.85

Total                           £2,324.00                        The payments were unanimously agreed.

Bank balance             £12,289.71

RJ confirmed that he had seen a copy of the reconciled cash book for the year ended 31st March 2012 and approved it.


11.  Parish Matters

JB requested that the Annual Grant for the Playing Field & Pavilion be increased to £1,000 as it had remained the same for a few years.   AW proposed the increase and MY seconded the motion.

AW & WM requested clarification about the insurance held by the Parish Council.                 Action: DP

HD was pleased to report that Anglian Water had confirmed that main drainage at Dillington would be included in their next 5 year plan and he wished to record his thanks to Mrs Fordham for her perseverance.

The attendance record for Parish Councillors was circulated.    4 Councillors have a 100% record for the year.

12. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

RJ said that everything was in place for celebration to take place on Sunday, 3rd June and that specially commissioned china mugs will be for sale for £5.00 each.   It was unanimously agreed that up to £500 could be spent on the event.   HD thanked the sub-committee for their work organising the Jubilee celebrations and asked to record thanks to Mr & Mrs Edmunds for their generous contribution.

Hunts District Council has written offering to supply addition commemorative trees for the occasion.   Following discussion it was decided that a large tree would be requested to be planted in the autumn.                                                                                                                          Action: DP

It was agreed to repaint The Causeway railings as a Jubilee project.   Quotations will be obtained before proceeding.   Cost to be shared with the landowners.

Any other business

JG recommended that someone attended the Huntingdonshire Local Plan meeting and HD has reserved a place.   AW and MY will also try to attend one of the meetings.   JG gave some further information about the new national planning policy framework which came in to effect in March. and mentioned that Hunts DC will want to hear what the priorities are for Great Staughton.


Date of meetings for 2012

5th July

6th September

8th November

HD thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 8.45pm.


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