Great Staughton & Kimbolton Oil Syndicate

It is evident that some people in the village either did not know of, or had forgotten about, the existence of the Kimbolton and Great Staughton oil buying syndicate operated by Conquest Oil.

There is no membership involved, you merely contact them and say you want a price for a delivery via the Kimbolton & Great Staughton syndicate.

They deliver to the area (not just Kimbolton & Great Staughton but most of the surrounding villages too) on the 15th & 16th of the month unless those dates fall on a weekend in which case the days are flexed appropriately.

They do require you to take a minimum of 500litres, which I don’t think is any different from other suppliers, but above that they are happy to take orders for any fixed quantities or a tank top up.

Conquest’s contact details are:

Tel: 01525 402209



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